Disneyland Princess Fantasy Faire

If you have a daughter, no doubt she is enchanted with the Disney Princesses. My soon-to-be three year old loves them, especially Cinderella. We have had our annual passes to Disneyland for years, but it was not until this weekend that we experienced, a relatively new attraction at Disneyland, the Princess Fantasy Faire. It’s held at the Fantasyland Theater, where the Snow White musical was held a few years ago. This has been a huge hit with visitors since it opened in October last year and it was easy to see why.

First of all, The Princess Fantasy Faire is layed out into several sections. There is a Meet and Greet section, a Craft section, a Dress-up and Makeup section, Storytelling, and the Coronation. I will now tell you about each area.

The Royal Coronation

The Royal Coronation runs several times a day. The times are listed on the daily entertainment guide as well as at the entrance to the fair. This portion takes place on the stage and the floor below. The first part of the ceremony teaches young Princesses and Princes important royal things like how to bow and curtsy. Next, three Princesses will descend the red-carpeted staircase and be introduced to the crowd below. We saw Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella. I’ve heard Belle is sometimes in the mix too. Dance poles are brought in and each child is instructed to grab onto ribbon, like a May Day pole. Each Princess will go to a different pole and then the dance begins. As the Princesses leave confetti and streamers are shot out into the arena for the grand finale.

Princess Crafts

The craft area is set up with tables and seats and has crowns to color and decorate. These tables are set up in full view of the stage so even if a child is working on a craft, he or she can see the Royal Coronation. This is found house-left.

Princess Shopping

This area is to the right of the arena. Here you can purchases dresses, tiaras, shoes and more for your little Princess. There are also makeup mirrors your Princess can be completely made up before going to meet the Princesses.

Meet and Greet

The Meet and Greet is set up so that you have one line to see three Princesses or Princes. There is a person at each station to take pictures and give you a Photo Pass card. The line forms behind the stations so while in line you will not see which characters are waiting to meet you. This area is usually held on the theater floor in-between coronations and storytelling.

Princess Storytelling

The storytelling takes place on the floor of the area. Times are listed on your daily entertainment guide. Each day they have each Princess tell her story twice. Carpet circles are laid out for children and parents to sit for the story. On our day, we heard a story told by Snow White. She also has a prince-type character assist her as narrator. This is the same experience that used to held in the Tinkerbell Toy Shoppe just before the Princesses exploded in popularity.

Our daughter loves to dance and thoroughly enjoyed the coronation. If you have younger children, they might be overwhellmed, but all will enjoy the storytelling.


  1. susan says:

    Thanks for the overview! I had called to request reservations for the princess luncheon at the Cal. Adventure Park but when I mentioned my 4yr old is rather picky, the WONDERFUL lady taking my call told me about the Fantasy Faire! We are planning our trip around our daughters’ 5th birthday and she really is excited to go to Disneyland and see some princesses! Since we’ve never been we love all the info we can get! I can spend time there with her and the older kids can go on some thrill rides which she’s too short for! Thanks again!

  2. YZgirl4 says:

    My daughter loves going to the Princess Faire, it is so much fun for the little ones. I have yet to take her to one of the meals with the princesses. Is there one you suggest. She love Lilo and Stitches Brunch and Goofy’s Kitchen


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