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Construct | Boone Children’s Gallery

LACMA West | Free | All Ages

In Construct, you, your friends and family will play, build, explore, collaborate, problem-solve, make, dream, imagine, experience, research, design, learn, and create together.

Be your own architect! Work at drafting tables to draw floor plans, build a model using a variety of materials, and display your buildings and designs in the Construct gallery. Or work in creative teams to build cities and structures using wood blocks.

Be inspired by the plans, drawings, and models that architect Renzo Piano developed as he went through the design process for LACMA’s Transformation Project.

Construct has activities appropriate for visitors of all ages—from infants to teens and multi-generational families. On Thursdays the gallery opens at 9 am, before the museum opens to the public. Friday Nights from 6 to 9 pm, activities are designed for teens.

Information for groups visiting the Boone Children’s Gallery:
The Boone Children’s Gallery welcomes groups of all kinds. So that they may be prepared for your group, please call 323 857-6108 three weeks before your planned visit with your name, phone number, date and time of your upcoming visit, the number of people, and the name or description of your group. Please note that while birthday parties and other gatherings are welcome in the Boone Children’s Gallery, food is not allowed and museum staff cannot facilitate any celebratory activities.

Like all of LACMA, the Boone Children’s Gallery is open every day except Wednesdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Monday noon–8 pm
Tuesday noon–8 pm
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 9 am–8 pm
Friday noon–9 pm
Saturday 11 am–6 pm
Sunday 11 am–6 pm

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  1. Laura says:

    Thanks for this great idea! I’m in Pasadena and in charge of collecting a list of field trips for my moms group. I will DEFINITELY be using you site a lot. Thanks so much!

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