Kidsfaire- America’s Family Expo

Mark your calendars for next weekend, Oct 4-5th 2008. Kidsfaire-America’s Family Expo will be held at the Orange County Fairgrounds. What is Kidsfaire? It’s the largest event of it’s kind in the nation. Kidsfaire is a family expo featuring family entertainment, interactive pavillions and stage shows. There is so much entertainment I don’t even know where to begin!! First off is Character Central. It’s basically a kids dream come true with characters from their favorite shows. Dora, Care Bears, Curious George, Spongebob and Clifford The Big Red Dog to name a few.

There will also be interactive areas such as the Anaheim Ducks Hockey rink where the amazing Anaheim Ducks bring their first-ever mobile Hockey Rink to Kidsfaire where your kids get the chance to be hockey pros for the day. Professional Hockey instructors will guide your kids though the rink to learn the greatest moves. I could go and on with the many cool shows and activities that you will find at Kidsfaire but why not check it out yourself. For additional information click here.

Kidsfaire- America’s Family Expo
Orange County Fairgrounds
Costa Mesa, CA
Oct 4-5th
10 am to 5pm
$8.00 adults
$5.00 children 2-12
You can find $1.00 discount coupons at your local McDonalds.

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