Entertainment Book 2009

The Entertainment Book 2009 just arrived in our mailbox today. In case you’ve never heard of this book, they are published regionally and have amazing bargains and free things like food, entertainment and retail purchases. For example, our book has 8 free admission tickets to AMC Movie theaters. It doesn’t take much for this book to pay for itself. Yes, this post sounds like one big infomercial, but I really do use this book and I love the values. There are so many great ideas found inside of new places to visit that offer you discounts or free admission.

The books are priced from $25 and up and are worth every cent. If you order right now, they are including free shipping. If you want to wait a while, the 2009 books get discounted after the first quarter of 2009, but why wait when you get the book today and start saving tomorrow. (oh my, can I sound any cheesier?)

End of Summer

For those of you with kiddo’s who haven’t yet started the mandatory years of education, how do you mark the end of Summer? Is it the weather? Is it some annual event?

For our family, I suppose it’s the Halloween decorations going up. What about your family?

LA County Fair – Fun Stuff

While the OC County Fair just barely wrapped, there are some fun things to see and do with the kiddos at the LA County Fair in Pomona.

Meet and Greet with Barbie in her Dream House – Girls of all ages will get a kick out of meeting Barbie, live and in-person. This is located at the Family MarketPlace.

Barnyard Racers – the fasting pigs this side of Farmer John’s place. Located in Fairview Farms and racing throughout the day.

Extreme Canine Stunt Dog Show – These are some amazing dogs doing stunts and tricks that will make your fur stand on end. Located in the Bark Park.

The fair is open Wednesday through Sunday with late hours on Friday and Saturday nights. Admission is $17 for adults and $7 for children.