Crystal Cove Cottages

I usually blog about daytrips , outings and events. Today I wanted to blog about a place some of you may or may not know about- Crystal Cove Cottages in Crystal Cove, Newport Beach. The cottages are state owned and offer you an opportunity to stay in a beachfront bungalow at a very reasonable rate from one to seven nights. available on Saugatuck Michigan rentals Think of it as camping on the beach in style. In fact to reserve a spot in Crystal Cove you must use the reservation system used by all California campgrounds and parks- Reserve America.
The cottages are extremely popular and you can rent them on the first day of the month at 8am. You can sign on to the system and start trying at 7:50. If you want to make sure to snag one a night or two make sure to browse through the website for the cottages and let the agent know the one you are interested in. You can also call and see if there are cancellations for perhaps a last minute outing or book a cancellation online through Reserve America. You make a reservation 6 months in advanced. For example if you were to book a cottage on Mar 1st , you would be booking for your stay in September.
The Cottages are newly restored and are either Individual or Dorm-style Cottages Crystal Cove Beach Cottages offer gorgeous ocean views, charming historic details, and a glimpse of a uniquely Southern Californian beach community from a bygone era. Located in the heart of Crystal Cove State Park’s 3.5 miles of pristine coastline, the Historic District first developed as a South Seas movie set due to its seclusion and tropical aura. The community thrived and became beloved for its relaxed, friendly atmosphere and picturesque landscape, and in 1979, the Crystal Cove Historic District was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
You can stay in one of 11 Individual or 3 Dorm-style Cottages. Located directly on the beach or overlooking it from a bluff top, each cottage has been painstakingly restored and furnished to recreate Crystal Cove’s unique historic beach culture and ambiance. Reservations are available year-round.
I know that we are facing some tough economic times and the thought of renting a beach home or vacation sounds like a far fetched dream for many- but thanks to Crystal Cove you can afford a beachfront retreat for around the same price as spending a night at your local Marriott. Rentals are around $180.00 for a flat rate of 4 people. This does not include children 4 and under. There is an additional charge for more than 4 people over the age of 4.
I’m planning on renting a little cottage for one night.. I hope you can also and spend an unforgettable day or days at the beach.
For additional information click here and for reservations click here
Reserve America
Reservations 1-800-444-7275
Customer Service 1-800-695-2269


  1. *THE Disneyland Mom* says:

    Thank you for posting this. I’m going to log on Sunday morning. I’m really excited. I remember when there was all the commotion when the residents of these cottages were evicted. It was very sad, but I must admit that the opportunity to stay there makes me giddy!

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