Disney Mondays- My love affair with Disney’s California Adventure

Disneyland is a classic and untouchable. There is no debating that. However, when looking at California Adventure- it’s important to not compare it to its iconic next door neighbor. When you look at DCA as a whole, by itself – it is a really impressive little theme park and one that I just happen to be in love with.

Here are the top ten reasons why I think Disney’s California Adventure is a fantastic place for the kiddos and why I am madly in love with DCA.

  1. The kiddos can get wet-We love the Irrigation Station and Princess Dot Splash Pad in the Flick’s Fun Fair Area. It is the perfect spot on a hot spring/summer day.
  2. I hate waiting in line. I mean really who does?? I love that the attractions in Flick’s Fun Fair have minimal waiting lines and are a big hit with my kiddos. They love every single ride – especially Flick’s Fun Flyers.
  3. If your kids love the Disney Channel’s cartoons then they will absolutely love The Playhouse Disney Show- my kids LOVE it!!
  4. Who loves Free stuff? I do- I do!! I love that you can get a fresh warm tortilla from the Mission Tortilla Factory tour and a sourdough taste from Boudin Bakery.My kids love the fresh tortillas and I’m not going to lie, so do I. Here’s a little tip- on your birthday pick up a dozen free tortillas from the Mission Tortilla Factory. Just show them your birthday pin and you are set!
  5. They have an amazing baby center. Not as big as Disneyland’s but still great.
  6. DCA is home to Disney’s Electrical Parade. Love it. It’s new and improved and a must see!!
  7. They are home to three amazing shows that your kiddos will love-MuppetVison 3D, It’s tough to be a bug and Aladdin.
  8. In my opinion, DCA is home to one of the BEST(if not the best!!) attractions in the Disneyland Resort, Toy Story Mania.
  9. They have a pretty spiffy Ferris Wheel. You can either pick a gondola that moves or is stationary.
  10. I love that I can park in the Downtown Disney lot ( free for 3 hours)- walk over to the DCA entrance at the Grand Californian Hotel in Downtown Disney(next to Sephora) , spend a couple of hours there and then I don’t have to deal with taking a tram back to the parking lot. I love love that I can do this, especially on a crowded day.

DCA is in the middle of a major expansion – which includes a new water show, a Little Mermaid Ride and sure to be a big hit with my son- A thrill ride- featuring the characters from CARS!! The expansion should be complete by 2012.

There are so many other things I love about DCA but I tried to limit myself to my favorite 10. Next time that you are heading over to the Disneyland Resort make sure to show DCA some love ! It deserves it!


  1. Lin says:

    We'll have to go check it out. My hubby & I just bought season passports again and we've spent the last three days at Disneyland.

    It's been a lot of fun, with the exception of a million people being there & the heat (I'm so sunburned).

    Thanks for the info!

  2. Minako says:

    Hi… just happen to cross your site… I see that you also love Disney… me too…

    Im planning to go to Tokyo or Hong Kong Disney this Christmas. Hoho and I found some stuffs from Hong Kong Disneyland here as well:

    I will definitely take tones of photos there!!!

  3. KC Photography says:

    I agree that DCA is great, a lot of people say it's boring, but I love it. I love that they cover different parts of California, and they're really working on making it more Disney based.

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