Sawdust Art Festival- Laguna Beach

Summer is here and that means the art festivals will soon be starting in Laguna Beach. My favorite festival hands down is the Sawdust Art Festival. The mission of the festival is to” educate the public about the art created in Laguna Beach,” the Sawdust Art Festival provides a variety of art and craft projects for all ages at their Children’s Art Spot, Ceramics Booth, Sawdust Studio, and their world-class Glass Blowing Booth. They will also hold Summer Evening Art classes at 7 p.m. Sunday-Thursdays.

You can meet the artists that will be featured at the festival when you take the
Meet the Artists Tour on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. or take a Weekend Walkabout Tour of the Sawdust grounds to learn interesting tidbits on Saturdays and Sundays at 12 noon. Tours are complimentary with admission.

I know quite a few of you enjoyed the Creatively Fun Day back in April and I promise that the summer festival is just as good. Once you visit for the day you will want to go back for the rest of the summer!!

The Sawdust Art Festival will open its doors on June 26th and close on August 30th. The festival will run everyday from 10am to 10pm during that time.

Admission is as follows

$7.50 Adult one-day
$6.00 Senior one-day (65 yrs & up)
$3.00 Child one-day (6-12 yrs)
Free Age 5 yrs & younger

Season pass is $15 per person. Hope to see you there!!

Additional info can be found here


  1. Angry Julie Monday says:

    I've never been. I've lived in Orange County since I was 12. I really need to go. I have a friend who lives in Laguna too.

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