Making my life easier: Fresh & Easy

I’m  a busy mom. Actually, I’ve yet to meet a mom who isn’t busy. With the kids, hubby, work, school and my blog I keep pretty darn busy. I’ve decided to share each week on the blog places and things that make my life easier as a mom. This week I want to feature Fresh & Easy.

We love  shopping at Fresh & Easy at home. We do not have one nearby and since discovering this awesome little market, I’ve been driving for twenty minutes once a week to the nearest store. Yes that is how much I love the place! I’m planning on heading on vacation next next week and will be stopping by our prepared snacks because their selection is great!

I was invited by Fresh & Easy a couple of weeks ago to check out their Eat Well prepared meals and let me tell you they are amazing! They are healthy and delicious! I’ve picked up a couple of their entrees and I absolutely love them. Actually I haven’t found one thing that I haven’t fallen in love with at Fresh and Easy. Their prepared section is delish!

Thanks in part to my friend Katie  ,who first introduced me to Fresh & Easy, I have now cut my grocery bill in almost half. She inspired me and I now spend about $100 a week to feed my family of four for the week. Here is how she does it…

Katie, from ocmomactivities, writes..
 I spend $100/ a week on groceries for our family of four (yes, that includes lunches for the kids at school)! It all started a few months ago when I got tired of how high our grocery bill was getting with multiple “quick stops” in to the local grocery store to pick up things here and there. It had to stop. I’m not sure if my biggest motivation was saving money or if it was just being organized for the week so we weren’t scrounging around for last minute dinners. An added side bonus is my husband now cooks most of the dinners! Don’t believe me? Well, as you’ll see below the dinners are easy, fast, healthy and super easy on the budget.

 to read more about her experience head here.

Katie, has a great Frugal Friday series that you have to checkout. I’ve picked up some great tips.

*I was not compensated for this post. A gift card was provided to experience Eat Well.

Railroad Days Rail Festival in Brea

If you have a little train lover like I do, you do not want to miss Railroad Days Rail Festival in Brea- Saturday May 1st and May 2nd.The Southern California Railway Plaza Association nd Brea Downtown Owners Association are joining to welcome kids and their families for a weekend of FREE train exhibits and tours.

Displays will feature railroad memorabilia, scenic garden railroads and numerous model-train layouts in many scales, as well as rail safety education booths and an entertainment stage on Birch Street. They will  also have a new Union Pacific Genset switching locomotive on the tracks off Berry Street. A free shuttle will connect the two areas.

There is also a preview center  open daily from now until the festival, which has a large LEGO model-train display and HO modules on display. The preview center is open daily. You can stop by to learn more about the festival and check out the  LEGO’s model trains. The preview center is located on the southwest corner of Brea Boulevard and Birch Street.

To learn more about the festival head here.

Railroad Days Rail Festival
Birch Street- West of Brea Blvd & Railroad tracks at Berry
North of Imperial
Sat May 1st and Sun May 2nd
9am to 5pm

Our visit to Legoland and Clutch Powers 4D Movie

A couple of weeks ago the kiddos and I headed to Legoland  to check out Clutch Powers’s 4D Movie. We were in for quite the treat!  Clutch Power’s 4D movie was a big hit with my kiddos. It was so fun watching them giggle, gasp and squeal in delight. They love 3D/4D movies and Clutch Powers is the perfect lenght! It is an action packed show that your kiddos are going to love.

After we watched the movie, we spent the rest of the day exploring Legoland and the Sealife Aquarium. We had a fantastic time. If you have kiddos between 2-8, Legoland is the perfect place to play. My kids loved every single minute of it and I’m seriously contemplating buying an annual pass.

The kiddos loved the different lego areas, being able to “get a license” and drive their own “lego cars”, play in the water areas, Clutch Powers, riding a rollercoaster  and so much more.

One thing that I absolutely love about Legoland  is that it is very easy to park and head into the park. It seemed like we just walked a couple of steps and we were at the front entrance. I loved this!

The only thing that I would recommend  when heading to Legoland is that you have even numbers in your party. Most rides only allow two per ride and it can be tricky if you are outnumbered by the kiddos.

We love Legoland and can’t wait to head back again! For additional info and hours head here.