Guest Post- Saving California’s State Parks

Do you know about Proposition 21?

Michele Whiteaker is a blogging friend of mine over at At a recent event, she alerted me to an important proposition vote on the November ballot concerning our state parks. I asked her to write a guest post, so I could encourage my readers to get out and vote!

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Aracely is the best, isn’t she?  Tromping all over Southern California and beyond to give us the scoop on great day trips to take with our kids!  (Plus, she’s really nice in real life.)

In a nutshell – voting YES ON 21 will provide a stable, adequate source of funding for our ailing state parks.  You would pay $18 each year on your vehicle registration — and your vehicle becomes your admission ticket to California State Parks. If you drive up to a state park in your vehicle with current registration, you get in for “free.”  Since it costs $10-$15 in day use fees now – it only takes 2 visits to get your money’s worth. It’s the BEST deal on an annual pass around!!!

There are some who would say: “But I don’t use the parks, why should I pay?”

  • C’mon. It’s $18 dollars A YEAR.
  • Don’t you think you might go at least once after you put in your $18 investment into a Trust Fund for the people of California and beyond?  I hope you do.
  • Once we lose these parks, this wildlife, these open spaces — they will be gone forever. We can’t take that chance.
  • You must know some families with kids — or friends — who make use of the parks. It’s a Good Samaritan thing to do. I think giving friends (or even strangers) the gift of connecting to nature is very honorable.
  • If you are already paying for an annual pass, you’ll actually save money.

My favorite explanation on WHY this is important comes in the form the  a YouTube video above “45 Reasons to Vote Yes on Prop. 21” by

“I’m voting for Prop 21 because it solves the California State Parks funding problem once and for all. For a relatively small portion of the total California budget, Prop. 21 ensures that all of our park system is protected and preserved. And that the beauty and history of our state parks are exempt from having to prove their value on an annual basis.” -Christopher Grant Ward (

If you want to learn more, you can read my long-winded (but entertaining) posts:

Watch more videos from  Or better yet, follow Yes for State Parks on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news. For more information on Prop. 21, visit or email


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