A Visit to Tom’s Farms

The weekend is almost here! I can’t wait to relax and try to head out on an outing before the rain swoops in.  I am very excited to introduce our new contributor Desiree. She will be covering the  Inland Empire/Orange County . You can learn all about Desiree here. On her very first post she  gives us the 411 on Tom’s Farms in Corona.
Toms Farms is located in Corona, California-centrally located in between the Inland Empire and San Diego County directly off the 15 freeway. It isn’t a farm as it’s name suggests but rather a neat little stop in a park like setting to enjoy time as a family. Toms Farms began by humble beginnings as a produce stand along the side of the road in the early 1970’s. It has grown since then and now features two restaurants, a furniture shop, an outdoor furniture/plant shop, a sweets shop, a fudge and gourmet popcorn shop and produce stand, a wine and cheese shop, a pond, a weekend craft fair, a weekend magic show, and tons of affordable entertainment for the kids. I have the honor of living 5 minutes away from Toms Farm and my kids and I frequent often, so you’re getting the inside scoop here my friends!
When we do visit, we go in the Spring and Fall seasons during the weekday. During the winter it is very cold out here in the Temescal Valley and during the summer? Forgetaboutit it’s hotter than the surface of the sun. Every Wednesday, Tom’s Old Fashioned Burger restaurant has a lunch special. It is $5.50 +tax for a hamburger, fries and drink-that’s a deal! Senor Toms, the Mexican restaurant has weekday lunch specials as well. I like to go during the week because it is quiet, beautiful and relaxing. We usually meet up with some friends and the kids play innocently in the grass while I consume my weight in delicious old fashioned hamburgers (Nom Nom Nom). The kids entertainment, such as the train and carousel are not in working commission and there are not tons of people. However, if you would like to experience the full effect of Toms Farms, I suggest you visit on a weekend. Live music plays on a small stage near the pond and if you get a table you’re welcomed to sit, eat, drink and be merry all the day long. Toms Farms does not allow park like picnics on the grass, but there are lots of tables. If you have small children, I do suggest you sit in the picnic area away from the pond-you don’t want them to accidentally fall in!
The kids rides and games are up and working in full swing on the weekends and everything in reasonably priced. There is a 1800’s old steam-propelled train replica (that now runs off of diesel fuel so I suggest you sit towards the back or you’ll get a foggy brain full of fuel fumes), that will take you through an Amish-styled covered bridge and then through a field of animal statues (yeah the statues are as weird as they sound). The old time carousel is beautiful and the horses are made out of wood. The construction scoops, shooting gallery and tractor rides are always a big hit with older kids. The biggest kids attraction is the petting zoo and pony rides located next to Senor Toms. The kids get to go into the animal enclosure and pet the baby goats. Inside of the wine and cheese shop is the most delicious pizza and sandwiches deli. You can even do some wine tasting and purchase a bottle of your favorite wine. It wouldn’t be uncommon to see people hanging out in the tables next to the wine and cheese shop, drinking adult beverages and listening to the live music. Don’t forget to visit the sweet shop that is full of nostalgic candy. My son loves to pick out a stick lolly every visit, it’s cute too because he pays for it himself. During the Christmas season, the Toms Farms Santa Clause is known to be the most realistic one around. They have a professional photographer that takes pictures of your child’s entire visit. The Amish-style covered bridge is decorated with Christmas lights too.
However, I do have to be honest here, since this is a review and not an advertisement-because of Toms Farms central location and immediate access from the freeway, it is a big biker club/gang hang out attraction. They have never bothered me, nor my children and they are happy and content to sit, eat, drink and be merry but it may be un-nerving to someone unsuspecting. In addition, the live music is also geared for older people as well. There is no profanities sung, but it isn’t The Wiggles either.
All in all, Toms Farms is a beautiful place to spend the day if you’re looking for something to do. Just don’t forget to let me know when you’re planning on going-I’ll meet you there!


  1. Audre says:

    We love Tom’s Farms! The weekends ARE biker central, but my boys like the bikes! We were told last week when we were there that the train will be closed for a good month for repairs to the track from all the rain.
    Great post Desiree!

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