Grunion Run at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

Credit: Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

I have always wanted to watch a grunion run and after living my entire life in Southern California, I have yet to experience this. I promised myself that this summer I have to experience this and have the kiddos experience it too!

The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro is hosting a special “meet the grunion” experience this Friday. You can watch the silvery fish come up on the beach to spawn! Learn about the interesting mating rituals and growth of this curious fish. The Aquarium opens at 8 pm and an auditorium program begins at 9, followed by guided observation at the beach. Warm clothing and a flashlight are recommended. April and May are closed season. March, June and July are open season, when grunion may be taken by hand only and a valid California fishing license must be displayed if you are 16 years or older.

It sounds like a great family summer evening. Plus it’s super affordable. $5 for adults and $1 for kids and students.

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  1. Robert O says:

    My daughter will love going to a grunion run. I am a 45 year resident of SoCal and have never been to one. Assuming that we get out of dance rehearsals on time we will head down there.

  2. amy says:

    I did this on a date waaay back in the day and it was a blast! I have been wanting to get my kids out there to see it too. The problem is that there is no guarantee as to when they will decide to run! Im not sure how they can have a for sure function, but you certainly dont need to pay to see it! Just go to huntingtom beach when they think they will run. I thought that they usually ran in spring and were done by summer..

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