Healthy and Easy Dairy Snacks/Treats #SafewayDairy

Credit: Real California Milk

I have picky eaters and honestly if it were up to them they would be eating chicken nuggets and grapes every day and all daylong. I’m trying hard to incorporate healthy food options and snacks into our lifestyle. One of the biggest hurdles for us is switching over to healthy treats. I have slowly but sure trading goldfish and fruit snacks and exchanging them for fresh fruit and dairy.

I wrote last week about June being National Dairy Month and I have been sharing on Twitter some fun recipes from and also some of the new healthy snacks we have switched to. A friend recently shared with me a fun summer treat that the kiddos are absolutely in love with. You know those fun drinkable yogurt packages? She suggested I freeze them and give them to the kiddos as a Popsicle alternative. They have gone bonkers for them. We’ve also started packing and using individual sized string cheese

Here are some of the fun dairy snacks that we’ve integrated and the kiddos absolutely love and eat all up.

• Bananas dipped in yogurt
• Frozen drinkable yogurt packages
• Apples dipped in yogurt and covered in granola
• Low fat string cheese

If you would like to learn more about adding healthy dairy snacks or healthy dairy recipes head over to Make sure to also enter to win an all expense trip and picnic to the national park of your choice while you are there.


Disclosure: This is a compensated campaing and part of Safeway’s June Dairy Program.


  1. Christine says:

    Ha, I was just left a comment on another blog about how I freeze Gogurts. Then when I put them in the kid’s lunchbox they are yummy and cold for lunchtime.

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