Kiddos and Allergies

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My daughter suffers from terrible allergies and they really take a toll during the spring and summer months. It’s a bit of a challenge for our family because we like to be out exploring and it’s tough to watch my daughter struggle with simple things that other kids like to do, such as sitting on the grass and having her struggle with a massive sneezing attack, headaches and sometimes her eyes getting so swollen and red that they shut.

We have an appointment to see an allergist in a few weeks but in the time being we’ve kind of had a rough time. She wants to be out playing with her brother and friends at the park or in the backyard and I know what will happen if she does. I know for sure she is allergic to grass and we also think she is allergic to dust and pollen.  It’s tough to see her struggle throughout the day and sneeze non-stop for what seems hours at a time.

There are some things I try to alleviate her symptoms like making sure she always has super clean pillows and blankets. I also have to make sure to avoid playing or eating on grass as much as we can but sometimes its unavoidable or really limiting on her playtime and we let her sneeze it out so that she can have some fun.  It’s going to be a little tougher to handle the outside allergens because we will be camping this summer, heading to movies at the park and the beach and well pretty much spending a good amount of time outside.

If you have a little one with allergies, what do you do to help manage?  Is there something you give them? Do you avoid situations?  I would love to hear what you do to manage your kiddos allergies.

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  1. Jen Imus says:

    I have a daughter with pretty severe allergies… Her worst allergy is a food allergy to eggs – a very hard one for sure since this means that pretty much every baked good is off limits to her.

    She is also highly allergic to cats (easy to avoid) and to dust (not quite as easy, but it seems more manageable).

    The outdoor allergies are incredibly hard, too… She is allergic to grass, some trees and pollen.

    We see her allergist (who I would highly recommend) each year for a skin test. She takes 10 mg of zyrtec nightly to help reduce her overall allergen load. And we do avoidance as much as we can. Now that she’s a bit older (she’s nine) we will be starting allergy shots. Studies have shown that shots are much more effective in children than adults and those children that receive them tend to remain free from those allergens for their lifetime. That is a gift I would love to give her (as I suffer myself).

    It sure seems that the outdoor allergies have gotten worse over the last few years. Not sure why. But it seems like everyone is suffering from them more.

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