Our Typical Summer Day: Easy and Breezy

Hands down my favorite season has to be summer. The kids are out of school, we are carefree, the weather is meant to be enjoyed outside and the nights are relaxed and breezy. I work the first part of the day, which works out great because my kiddos are sleepy heads. They rarely get up before noon (yes, I know!) and spend the first hour in a daze. In the summer swim lessons are in order. We usually head to the pool in the early afternoon for class and then a quick swim. After that the day is ours! We love to pack a quick bite and head to the beach to fly a kite, play in the sand or to a park with breeze to have some fun.

Other times when it’s too hot for our comfort, we stay inside playing a board game, having a movie day or just letting the kiddos ride their bikes and lounge around. In essence summer is all about living the easy breezy life and that means for us always having something fun to drink with us. This summer it’s been all about having Hansen’s Natural Soda. It’s the real deal! Not only does Hansen’s Natural Cane Soda delicious, it is derived from REAL fruits and spices grown around the world. Wonder why it tastes so good? It’s because Hansen’s uses Real Cane Sugar and not high fructose corn syrup. It’s the real deal and it tastes great!

My personal favorite is Hansen’s Root Beer. It is so darn good. The Key Lime Twist and Kiwi Strawberry are also amazing. They are the perfect summer drink and a staple in my beach cooler. What’s your favorite?

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I would love to hear about your typical summer day? What do you and the kiddos do in the summer?

Disclosure: This is part of Hansen’s Summer Fling Campaign. However all opinions are my own and pretty darn honest 🙂

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