Beating the Heat: Root Beer Floats #HansensSoCal



Hansen's Root Beer and Ice Cream = The Yummiest Root Beer Float!

It has been one of the warmest summers on record, and my electric bills definitely attest to it. There is nothing that beats the heat quite like an ice cold drink. This weekend, we beat the heat and made a fun family evening, by making root beer floats.

I chilled the glasses the night before, added 2 good sized scoops of ice cream, Hansen’s Root Beer and voila, one of the best tasting Root Beer Floats, I have ever had.  I think the secret to a good tasting float, is not so much in the ice cream, but in the root beer that is used. Hansen’s Root Beer is the absolute best! It is delicious, creamy and with pure can sugar. It’s all natural ingredients, none of the yucky corn syrup stuff is used in their great tasting soda. I think the other key to great tasting floats, is making sure to chill your glasses ahead of time. It really makes all the difference in the world.

It’s giveaway time!

I’m excited to be able to giveaway a Hansen’s Natural Soda Prize Package. I’m telling you, their sodas are THE best! Just head over to Hansens, browse their soda flavors and let me know what flavor is your favorite! That’s it! Nothing like opening your door and discovering a package with your favorite Hansen’s Natural Soda.

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Disclosure: This is a part of a compensated campaign with Hansen’s Natural Soda. However, all opinions are my own and I LOVE Hansen’s Products. They are delicious and natural!

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  1. Bo says:

    Yum! The Cherry Vanilla Creme!

  2. April says:

    If I’m in a sweet mood, I drink the Cherry Vanilla Creme. If not, then I drink the natural cola. Yummmm….

  3. Emily L says:

    I love Hansens root beer! Yum!

  4. Denise says:

    I don’t necessarily have a favorite, haven’t even had these sodas in years but would love to try ’em again!

  5. Elizabeth Gallardo says:

    We would love to try the Creamy Root Beer. we have never tried Hansens

  6. Goldie says:

    I like them all..but fav is cherry

  7. Kindra Crandell says:

    Been loving Hansen’s for years. I love diet Black Cherry but my husband has been partial to Kiwi Strawberry.

  8. Rebecca Childers says:

    I kinda embarrassed to say this, but I’ve never had a Hansens! So I can’t say what flavor I like best!

  9. irene says:

    I like cherry.

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