Motherhood Inspiration #InspireCare

I love motherhood. For many years I struggled to be a mother. It took many years, doctors visits and fertility treatments to make my dreams of motherhood come true.  Becoming a mom has been the most amazing and adventurous experience. I never imagined that I could love someone as much as I love my children. It’s something that is indescribable.  I now know why my mami used to say, “you will understand when you become a mother”. You really can’t understand until you become one.

I’ve had such amazing examples of motherhood throughout my life. From my own mother, my sister, my tias and my many beautiful friends that have mentored me and inspired me to be the best mother to my children that I can be. I love that I can call my mother with any question or call one of my good friends with a concern and they are there to lend a supportive hand. I love being surrounded by such amazing and inspiring women. I couldn’t be the mother that I am without them.

For many years, Johnson & Johnson has worked with its partners to care for the well-being of mothers and children around the world. It is estimated that Johnson & Johnson and its partners touch more than one billion people’s lives each day through health care products, services and various programs.  At this year’s LATISM 2012 conference, Johnson & Johnson will be showcasing some of these initiatives under the theme “global motherhood.” You are invited to learn more about this work and help them spread the word through social media about the challenges that mothers face around the world. You can inspire mothers like you to join them in helping other mothers by raising awareness about important issues and some of the solutions that make a difference. Please stop by suite Arboretum II during the LATISM conference to talk with Johnson & Johnson and its partners about the work they do.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson and Latina Bloggers Connect.


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