Circus Vargas: A Family Friendly Circus With No Animals

The last time I attended the Circus I felt really conflicted. I took my kiddos two summers ago, to the big top show at the Honda Center,  and felt really guilty as I left the show. The animals didn’t seem really happy and as the protestors harassed us outside, I promised myself I would never promote or attend another animal circus.

My kiddos recently about going to the circus again and I decided to do a little research on animal free circuses. After searching for a few minutes, I found out that Circus Vargas, a circus that I watched as a child, is now animal free and it just so happens to be playing in Southern California.

Circus Vargas has all of the classic acts that we loved as children. From aerialists to performers shooting out of a cannon, Circus Vargas is a classic Big Top Show.  Set in a smaller venue, the show lets spectators get up close and personal with the show.

The show will be playing in Torrance, Arcadia and San Pedro until the end of the year. To purchase tickets or for additional info head here.