Mrs. Knott’s Thanksgiving Feast – YUM!

Turkey Day is next week and while many people enjoy the tradition of making a large Thanksgiving feast for family friends, many would prefer to just leave it to someone else.  Well, Knott’s has that all figured out for you with their Take Home Thanksgiving dinner.

We had our Thanksgiving feast early last week and loved just how easy it was.  When you pick up the meal it will require some minor reheating.  We had the turkey, which required just an extra hour in the oven.  The side dishes reheat easily in the microwave.

The meals feature either a complete turkey or honey glazed ham, country apple stuffing, freshly baked rolls with butter and Boysenberry jam, candied yams, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, creamy giblet gravy, whole kernel corn, bread & butter pickles, and your choice of fresh boysenberry or pumpkin pie.

Our turkey turned out perfectly, better than any homemade attempt I’ve ever made at cooking one! The kiddos almost ate all the fresh rolls before my husband had carved up the turkey. It was so easy, I can’t imagine really doing Thanksgiving or a holiday dinner any other way.

Knott's Thanksgiving Feast

Pick up is easy, once your ready to pick up your preordered meal, just pick it up at the to-go window next the Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant.  Look for the reserved parking space, especially marked for the holiday meal orders!

For $99.95+tax, the Take Home Thanksgiving Dinner serves 6-8 people. Placing your order has never been so easy. Click to order the Take Home Thanksgiving Dinner or call (714) 220-5055.


*Disclosure: Knott’s provided us with a meal to review. All opinions are my own.

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