A Visit to the Museum of Making Music


Making some Music!

Do you have a kiddo that enjoys making any kind of music? If you or your kiddos enjoy making music or musical instruments, you have to pay a visit to the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad.

The Museum was founded in 1998 by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), the Museum of Making Music was developed to showcase and celebrate the music products industry.  The Museum was opened to the public in 2000. The Museum provides opportunities for cultural enrichment through special exhibitions,  concerts and educational programs. On permanent display are hundreds of vintage instruments, audio and video clips, and one of the best  interactive areas, I have ever seen!

One of the exhibits

There are hundred of different types of instruments and the museum takes you through the history of music. The kiddos loved learning about the different types of instruments and music and so did I.

Loving the Ukulele!

However, the kiddos favorite exhibit, was the interactive area. They fell in love from the minute they walked through the doors. They didn’t know where to start. They played the string instruments, the piano and banged away on the drums.

He's Jammin!

The kiddos had a blast trying out every single instrument on display. They made music and I literally had to tear my son apart from the displays. We visited the museum later in the afternoon and it felt like we had the museum to ourselves! The staff was incredibly friendly and took us on a private tour. I have to say that from all the museums we have ever visited, this museum is at the top of my list for the friendliest staff. They are helpful and amazing.

We had a great time and I can’t wait to go again. I’m thinking of obtaining a family membership because our kiddos can’t wait to go again.

The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday. General admission is $8.00. Kids 6-18 are $5.00 and so are students, seniors and military. Kiddos 5 and under are free. Make sure to check in on Foursquare to receive $2 off admission for each person. We spent $10 total and it was the best $10 I have ever spent! We had a great time and I highly recommend this great little hidden gem. For additional information head here.


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