The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

Newport Beach Boat Parade

Newport Beach Boat Parade

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  One of our favorite Christmas traditions is almost here. Every year we look forward to the Newport Beach Boat Parade. The parade has been a So Cal tradition for over 100 years! Watching the parade is one of my family’s favorite Christmas traditions. It is a definite must do for the family

The parade begins on Wednesday Dec 17th and ends on Sunday December 21st. The parade starts off at Bay Island at 6:30pm and ends there at approximately 9:30. We try to make it at least one night every year.

Here are a  couple of tips to make your evening as enjoyable as possible.
1. Dress warmly. I forgot to bring gloves last year and I will make sure not to forget them this year. I also will remember to bring a blanket for each of my kiddos.
2. Arrive as early as possible. Traffic is horrible and arriving early will assure you a spot and less congestion.
3. Be prepared to pay for parking. Whether you are parking in one of the state lots or an improvised private lot,make sure to bring at least 10 dollars for parking. If you want to save on parking,make sure to bring good walking shoes and park a little further away from the bay area.
4. Bring something warm to drink . We bring something warm to drink and lots of fun treats.
5. My favorite spot to watch is close to the  Balboa Peninsula/Balboa  Ferry Area.You can watch from either side.  You really can’t miss with either of these spots.
6. If you would like to view the parade in luxury many of the waterfront restaurants along the parade route have dinner/viewing packages. Check to see if your favorite restaurant is offering a deal.

To learn more about the parade and for additional info head here.

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