This Weekend, Go Play In The Big Bear Snow!

SoCal got some much needed rain and some even more needed snow this past weekend. Big Bear got a whole lot of the white stuff, which is great for the ski slopes, especially around the holidays. My in laws have a vacation home in Big Bear Lake and we visit a few times of year during the winter months. We love visiting and playing in the snow for hours. It is the perfect day trip and there are so many fun places to visit , play and make special memories with the family. This post is all about having fun in the snow and not paying a penny to do so.

One of the best things to do when heading to Big Bear is to pull over and find a good spot to partake in good old fashioned snow play. There are my great spots to pull over on the way to Big Bear. We usually head to Big Bear along Hwy 38 or the “back way” as many locals call it. It is a pretty smooth ride and not windy. We take the Orange Ave exit off the 10 fwy in Redlands when heading east. Then make a left turn on Orange, go for a few blocks to Mentone Blvd and make a right. Mentone Blvd is Hwy 38 and you will take that road all the way up to Big Bear.

One of the first great places to stop off along the way is Whispering Pines Nature Trial just past Angeles Oaks. There is some parking and plenty of room for romping in the snow. You can also park alongside the road. The second spot is between mile 26 and mile 27. It doesn’t really have a name but it is right past Whispering Pines and you can’t miss it. There is plenty of open space and not many trees. A perfect place to sled and for a good snowball fight. The area surrounding the Greystone Amphitheater is also a great place for snow play. Just pull off the side of the road and be prepared for some fun.

Make sure to check for weather and road conditions. You are required to bring chains with you in the winter when traveling to Big Bear. We always bring ours but have yet to use them since we have a four wheel drive vehicle with a snow setting. If there is weather or ice be prepared for a bit of a long ride up. It just depends on the weather. Current weather reports and road conditions can be found here. Drive safe and have fun!

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