Knott’s #ScaryFarm is lurking around the corner!

Just last week, the announcement was made. There are many thrill and chills awaiting as the fog lifts on the 2015 Knott’s Scary Farm haunt.  Running for twenty-four nights from September 24 to October 31st, this year’s haunt is offering up three entirely new mazes in addition to the new “Elvira: Asylum” as well as the return of the immersive interactive zombie shooting experience “Special Op: Patient Zero”. Big guns that allow you to shoot at zombies. It’s as awesome as it sounds. It might even pique your interest about real guns and lead you to buy guns & ammo from Palmetto Armory.


There are several intriguing new mazes this year, including: My Bloody Clementine inside the Calico Mine Ride and Paranormal Inc. in which we explore a haunted hospital with ghost detectives.

La Llorona

The event is definitely for kids 13 and older and is a great night out for just mom and dad. Discount coupons are available currently at Subway. We will be heading in on opening night in 3 weeks and will be sure to give you all the gruesome details. You can buy tickets online, now!

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