Ridemakerz at Downtown Disney

Have you heard of Ridemakerz? If you have not heard of this fabulous place, let me tell you all about it. Wednesday morning I had the opportunity to the grand opening at Downtown Disney. Ridemakerz is “Build-a-Bear” activity type of store, but instead of building a bear, you build your perfect “ride”.  It is a little boy’s dream land!

You will start your experience by selecting the body style/color and then move on to your wheels, rims and everything else your ride will need. You can customize and trick out your ride to the max!  My daughter built her own dream car and it was fun watching her pick everything from the style and color(pink of course!!) to the decals (hearts for the girly girl).

My husband and son are heading there today for a dad/son/father’s day outing and I think my hubby is more excited than my son! A gift certificate here would be perfect for Father’s day or as a birthday gift. This opening weekend, you can purchase one car and get a stock car for free.

One more thing, one of my favorite parts of the experience is the attentive employees. There is no shortage of they are beyond helpful. They made our experience amazing!

Ridemakerz is located adjacent in Downtown Disney, adjacent to Build-a- Bear. You can’t miss it! I promise that the boys and girls in your life will love it!

To learn more about the store head here

*Disclaimer- I did not receive any compensation for this post- I did receive a gift certificate to build a car.

Treasures of Napoleon at Muzeo

We had the opportunity to visit Muzeo in Anaheim last week and were able to tour their current exhibit, Treasures of Napoleon. My daughter and I had a great time taking in this amazing exhibit. I think my two year old was a bit too young to appreciate or understand any of it. He did however, have a great time at Kidzeo. Muzeo hosts Kidzeo every weekend and it is Free with admission. Kidzeo features miniature war games every Saturday from noon to 4pm and Kids crafts along with School of soldiers on Sundays from noon to 4pm.
The pieces featured in the exhibit are incredible and I think this would be an excellent place to visit if you homeschool or if your kiddos are studying world history/European history in school. I think kids would absolutely love Kidzeo. Muzeo/Kidzeo takes part in
For additional information head here.
241 S Anaheim Blvd
P. S. This Saturday, October 31st, Kids are free all day long. Kiddos can take part of HallowOui , complete with trick and treats of a rather other-wordly nature.

The Greatest Show on Earth!!

We had the opportunity to attend the opening night of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey at the Honda Center this week. Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey presents Zing Zang Zoom is a show that is not to be missed. It was the kiddos first trip to the Circus and boy were they excited! I had not been to the circus in ages(think decades!) and was just as excited as the kiddos. If I only had one word to describe our experience it would be unforgettable! It was an unbelievable night and the kids have yet to stop talking about it.

From the moment we walked to our seats the kids were in awe. There is an all access pre-show that is available to the general public an hour before the show. The pre-show allows you to view some of Zing Zang Zoom’s performers up close and on the arena floor. We were able to catch some of the pre -show and my kids almost came unglued! They were in love before the show started. If you can make sure to get to the show at least an hour before show time to be able to enjoy the amazing pre-show.

Once the pre-show was over, we headed back to our seats and sat back to enjoy a magnificent show. This is definitely not the Circus that I watched as a child! It is magical, hip and the performers were out of this world. If you are a fan of aerialists and acrobats- this is the show for you. My kiddos were in absolute heaven! I think one of my favorite aspects of parenting is being able to see a new world through my children’s eyes. You can imagine how I felt as I watched them experience the circus for the first time. I have never seen them as excited and amazed as I did last Wednesday night. They loved everything about the show and this sappy mom even shed a tear as she watched her two year old jump in delight as the beautiful elephants marched into the arena. They loved everything about the circus,from the yummie treats to the amazing tight rope walks. We made some wonderful memories!

I can’t rave enough about what an amazingly good time we had at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s Zing Zang Zoom. It is indeed the Greatest Show on Earth!!

Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey presents Zing Zang Zoom
Honda Center- Anaheim
July 15 – July 26-various performances

Citizens Business Park Arena- Ontario
July 29-Aug 2- various performances

Don’t forget to use the code MOM when purchasing your tickets on Ticketmaster or at the box office. You will be able to purchase tickets for only $11 when you purchase 4 or more. You will have a fantastic time! I promise!!