DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo FAST on Netflix #StreamTeam

On December 1st, DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo FAST completes its first season on Netflix with five brand-new episodes. Throughout the season, we’ve seen the Fast Action Stunt Team take on many awesome challenges and now is your family’s chance to get in on some of action.

Did you know that there has been a mystery character present in 24 of the 26 episode season and the Fast Action Stunt Team needs your help to find him. He’s a tiny worm…and while he may be easy to overlook at first, once you know about him, you’ll never look at Turbo FAST the same. The Worm has turned up in settings as varied as a sunny SoCal beach to a Tokyo shopping mall, from Tito’s taco stand to a hot-sauce commercial – and even in the Miss Teen Mudbug competition.

As series executive producer Chris Prynowski explains it, “When I put The Worm in the first episode, I kept getting notes back to remove him, which I just ignored.  They kept asking me to remove him, I kept ignoring them… Now, he’s something everyone’s always looking for.”

We challenge your family to  put on their Fast Action Stunt Team gear and apply teamwork to complete The Worm challengeHere’s what he looks like and a few of The Worm’s appearances are below – can you and your family find all of them?



 ·         He’s super tiny (even smaller than the snails of the Fast Action Stunt Team)

·         He’s light green with googly eyes

·         He usually hangs out in the background, but on occasion he takes a shot at hanging with the snails

·         More than likely he can be found with his tongue sticking out

With the whole season soon to be available for streaming on Netflix, here’s your chance to go on a worm hunt! Happy hunting.

Also! Be sure to catch “VeggieTales in the House,” which starts streaming this Wednesday, Nov. 26!  Enjoy your Thanksgiving and time with the family!