Drive-In theaters in Southern California – Making a comeback

One of my favorite memories from my childhood is going to the drive in with my family. My sisters and I would be stuffed in my dad’s truck sharing popcorn and licorice. We would go a couple of times a month and it was always a guaranteed good time. We would stop at our favorite hamburger or taco joint and pick up drive in food. My Drive-In memories are so special and I really want my little ones to be able to make some memories of their own. Unfortunately most of the drive-in theaters across the country and especially in Southern California are gone. They are almost a thing of the past.

After doing a little research I discovered that there are a handful of drive-in theaters in operation in So Cal. In fact the local theaters that are still around are making quite a resurgence I think many of us that grew up with the Drive-In’s are heading to them in droves to make memories with their own families. I can’t wait to take my kiddos to their first drive in and perhaps go on a date with the hubby. I can almost taste it- In-n-Out, homemade treats and a family movie. Sounds good to me!!!

Here’s a list of local drive-in movie theaters in operation and admission. Enjoy!!!

Oh almost forgot if you would like to read more about the Drive-In’s that are left and the ones that are now long gone- check out these sites-

1.Van Buren Drive-in
3035 Van Buren Blvd., Riverside
Screens: Three
Capacity: 1,500 cars
Opened: 1964
Admission: $7, 5-9 $1.00, under 5 free- Cash only

2.Rubidoux Drive-in
3770 Opal St., Riverside
Screens: Three
Capacity: 600 cars
Opened: 1948
Admission: $7, kids 5-9 $1.00- under 5 Free- Cash only

3. Mission Tiki Drive-in
4407 State St., Montclair
Screens: Four
Capacity: 1,885
Opened: 1956
Admission: $7, kids 5-9 $1.00, under 5 free- Cash only

4. Vineland Drive-in
443 N. Vineland Ave, City of Industry
Screens: Four
Admission: $8.00, kids 5-9 $1.00, under 5 free- Cash only

Almost forgot- not only is a visit to the local drive in a fun experience – it’s also easy on the wallet with kids either being free or a buck.

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