Pretend City- Good To Go From Head to Toe and How you can get in for free!

My family loves Pretend City. We have a membership and try to head there at least once a week. One of the things that I love about Pretend City is their focus on children and their Good To Good from Head to Toe Initiative.

 Good To Go From Head To Toe is an initiative designed to educate the community and parents about the importance of having children (birth through 5-years-old) receive regular developmental check-ups as part of their routine, well-child visits.

As part of their Good To Go from Head to Toe Initiative, Pretend City holds monthly Way to Play days on the second Friday of each month to  learn more about child growth and development while interacting with your child in a variety of fun activities.

Each Way to Play day will highlight a particular developmental skill, like communication, and offer community specialists on-site for support. Way to Play day activities and special giveaways are included the the price of museum admission.  If you print the coupon/flier below you will be able to do receive Two for one admission on Way to Play days.

On March 13th Pretend City will be hosting a FREE  Good To Go From Head to Toe Wellness Fair from 10 am to 4pm. You will learn all about your child’s development and there will be free language, health, dental, hearing and speech screenings for the kiddos. The best part is if your kiddos participate in the activities and screenings they will receive FREE admission to the museum that day. It’s a fantastic event and how can you beat Free?
I hope you can all make it. I plan on taking the kiddos over to the fair to participate in all of the activities. I hope to see you there!
To learn more about the Good to Go From Head to Toe initiative head here and to learn more about Pretend City head here.