Huntington Beach Adventure Park – One Terrific Summer Day!

Rafting in a Pond. Awesome!

Rafting in a Pond. Awesome!

I heard about the adventure playground in Huntington Beach a few years back. I’ve wanted to take the kiddos for a few summers now and never got around to it. Last week, I decided this was going to be the week I took the kids. We packed a cooler, asked our friends to join us, and we headed West to Huntington Beach for a day of fun. It was sooooo much fun!!!!


Rafting was first on our list!

The Huntington Beach Adventure Park is a must visit friends! We had such a great time. It was actually one of those moments in which I found myself envying my kiddos. They were grinning from ear to ear. The park is geared for kiddos aged 5 to 12 years old. Kids can raft on a small pond, try to cross a rope bridge, build stuff with a real hammer and nails(kids each get 3 nails and can earn others), go down a mudslide, and have a great old time getting dirty. It is good old fashioned fun!

The Mudslide.

The Mudslide

The kids played hard. They got dirty. They had one heck of a good time. It’s all a mom could ask for. We had a seriously fun day. The Huntington Beach Adventure Playground is open only until August 14. You have to hurry and take the kiddos before it closes for the Summer!

You can also hammer your heart away and wash up after playing in the mud!

You can also hammer your heart away and wash up after playing in the mud!

Make sure to:

  • Bring Cash – This is CASH ONLY facility. Admission is $3 for kids. Adults are Free. 
  • Bring tennis shoes – NO one is allowed with sandals or open toe shoes(No water shoes either)
  • Bring a change of clothes – there are changing areas and showers(bring another pair of shoes).
  • Bring a large kitchen bag for the muddy clothes.
  • Pack a picnic/snacks/lunch – there are tables and a shaded area to eat under.
  • Parking is Free.  When you come in, head down the first two rows as far down as you can.
  • Bring chairs for the adults.
  • Enjoy your day! The park has only one entrance. We sat close to the entrance and just let the kids be kids. No hovering, no helicoptering… just fun for the kids and fun for the moms(we got to relax knowing our kiddos were safe!)
  • Plan accordingly. The Park is Open Mon to Saturday from 10am to 3:45 pm. The last day of the season is August 14th.

We had a blast and I know you will too! For additional information head here.

Huntington Beach Adventure Playground

7111 Talbert Avenue

Huntington Beach, CA

(714) 842-7442


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