Sneaking is the new bingeing for moms #StreamTeam

#MomSneak. America has spoken: 97% of moms say that they had more time for themselves before motherhood, and now, three-quarters (71%) of moms admit to sneaking in TV “me-time” while juggling a busy schedule, with some even hiding from their kids for just a moment of peace. With moms doing it anywhere and everywhere in the neighborhood when the kids aren’t around, sneaking is the new bingeing.

So smuggle a tablet into the bathroom for a little GLOW during your morning routine, but be forewarned: distracted makeup application may result in a look as bold as one of the gorgeous ladies of the 80s. And if you find yourself overstaying your welcome in the grocery store parking lot watching The Walking Dead, don’t feel guilty. As long as the ice cream doesn’t melt, no one will know your little sneak-ret. Be the life of the party with all the pop culture knowledge you’ll accumulate sneaking—your friends will thank you for talking about something other than the kids. If anyone questions your motives, let them know that according to a recent Netflix survey moms are feeling less stressed and more refreshed and even 19% say it makes them feel like a better parent by sneaking “me-time.” And dads, don’t feel left out. I know you need a break to sneak too.

My favorite time to #MomSneak is usually between the hours of 11 PM and 1 AM. I often fall asleep late, especially during the school year when I’m up prepping lesson plans or entering grades. What are your favorite shows to #MomSneak on Netflix?

Bill Nye Saves The World

It is important for our kids to know about science and world around them. Imagination is needed but so is reason and reality. Bill Nye – the Emmy-nominated host, educator, engineer, and curator of curiosity – returns with a new show that tackles topics from a scientific point of view, dispelling myths, and refuting anti-scientific claims. But the revelations are real, Bill reminds us, as he neutralizes falsehoods and boosts the truth: “It’s not magic– it’s science!” Each episode of Bill Nye Saves the World, which begins April 21st on Netflix, entertainingly and enthusiastically dives into a specific topic or concept through lively panel discussions, wide-ranging special correspondent reports and Bill’s very special blend of lab procedure and genuine persona. Equipped with inquisitiveness, chemical-resistant gloves, and his beloved bow ties, Bill’s a magnetic force that’s hard to resist.

During each episode, Bill is joined by a rotating group of special correspondents, including Model and Entrepreneur Karlie Kloss, Comedian Joanna Hausmann, Space Exploration Advocate Emily Calandrelli, Comedian Nazeem Hussain and Derek Muller from Veritasium. The array of special guests include: Joel McHale, Martin Starr, Heather McDonald, Alton Brown, Tim Gunn, Steve Aoki, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons and more. It’s available now on Netflix!

Empowering Tween Girls, Project MC2 #StreamTeam

In the three-episode “Project Mc2,” available now on Netflix, the fledgling teenage spies are smart, stylish and far from social geeks.

Thanks to Project Mc2, she's become obsessed with her googles and experiments!

Thanks to Project Mc2, she’s become obsessed with her googles and experiments!


I love love sharing about anything that I find uplifting and that other parents/kiddos would join. My daughter has recently fallen in love with Project Mc2 .  What is it you ask? Project Mc2  follows four super smart and science-skilled girls as they are recruited to join the spy organization, NOV8 (“Innovate”), and work together to save the day. Project Mc² shows that Smart is the New Cool™ incorporating S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) in a fun way and depicting smart girls, that viewers can relate to, throughout the series.


Girls and #STEM. Lauren was inspired by #projectmc2 on @netflix #StreamTeam #ad #spon

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My daughter has really become inspired by the show and when turned into quite the experiment girl.

There is also a new line of dolls connected with the show, designed to empower girls. A reminder to all children that are free to become what ever they want to be.

“The Project Mc² brand was developed in order to inspire girls that it’s cool to be smart, leverage the growing trend of STEM,” the toy company’s CEO Isaac Larian told Mashable.

“We considered a variety of activities and projects that young kids enjoy in order to create an assortment of experiment kits that would pique children’s interest, while infusing real science and meaningful technology and engineering play.”

And to make the dolls even more appealing to kids, each was created to be different from each other, from their physical appearance to personality, and even their fashion sense.

“We wanted the characters to reflect what a real life group of friends would look like,” Larian explained. “Each character is engineered to stand at a different height, has a unique face sculpt and represents a different cultural background.”

I hope the success of this program leads to other shows that inspire my children to greater heights.