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Happy First day of Spring!!! I LOVE this season. It is my absolute favorite season of the year.  I love everything about Easter and have made some fun traditions with my family. One of our Easter Traditions is a must visit to Irvine Park Railroad to meet the Easter Bunny and have some family fun!

Irvine Park Railroad’s Easter Eggstravaganza will run from Saturday, March 29th  to Saturday, April 19th.

This year the Easter Eggstravaganza will feature

  • Egg Hunts
  • Meeting the Easter Bunny
  • Hay Rides
  • Easter Cookie Decorating
  • Carnival Games
  • Train Rides
  • Face Painting
  • Moon Bounce
  • and a variety of Free Picture Stands

Make sure to bring your Easter Baskets and a camera to capture all the fun!

It’s Giveaway Time! One lucky reader will win

·        6 Tickets (which can be used to ride the train OR participate in Easter Eggstravaganza activities)

·        1 Wheel Fun Rentals at Irvine Park surrey rental (excludes the double surrey)

All you have to do is leave a comment letting me know why you would like to win and that’s it! Giveaway runs until Sunday, March 30h at 11:59pm. Winner will be chosen at random. Good luck!
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Camp Spooky always brings on smiles!

Camp Spooky always brings on smiles!

We love visiting Knott’s Berry Farm and always have a great time when we visit as a family. We’ve made some great memories there and I wanted to share a few of our favorite memories.

We love visiting Knott’s during the holidays. One of our favorite times to visit is during Halloween. It’s become an annual tradition to visit Camp Spooky with the kiddos at least once during the month of October. The kids love the mazes and of course the candy! Who doesn’t love candy?

Camp Spooky Fun!

Camp Spooky Fun!

Speaking of Halloween and a spooky good time, we’ve made some great memories at the Halloween Haunt. I’ve only missed it twice in the last fifteen years( when I had two newborns). The last couple of years we’ve had the opportunity to hang with friend(just like we did as teenagers) and it has been soooo much fun!


Hanging with a Haunt monster.

We also love to visit during the Christmas Holiday Season.  We had the opportunity to spend time at Knott’s this past holiday season and took our official family photo with Santa there. We had a blast visiting Santa’s Christmas Cabin.

Christmas memories!

Christmas memories!

We also have made great memories visiting during the summer. We love visiting Soak City at least once and every summer has to have a visit to Knott’s Berry Farm.

You can make memories with your family with Knott’s Berry Farm Season Pass. You can purchase a season pass and pay only 6 monthly payments of only $14.00.

Knott’s Berry Farm Season Pass holders enjoy:

  • No blockout dates!
  • Free Parking!!!!!!
  • Select Early Ride Times.. and so much more!!!


To learn more about the season passes or to purchase your passes head here.

Make sure to click here to enter to win a four pack of season passes for your family


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Imagine a the smartest dog on the planet. Like smarter than Einstein, Newton and Steve Jobs combined. You’d end up with Mr. Peabody. When you are a dog this intelligent, well the courts will also let you adopt and that’s what he did. Sherman is the son of Mr. Peabody.  This is one area of the relationship between Peabody and Sherman that was expanded upon from the original Jay Ward cartoons Peabody’s Improbable History which originally aired in the 50s and 60s. I remember the reruns on Sunday mornings here in Southern California.


Ty Burrell (from Modern Family) is the voice of Mr. Peabody a super intelligent dog who is raising a seven year old boy Sherman voiced by Max Charles. Like any father, he wants his son to be smart and knowledgeable. The concept from the original show was that Mr. Peabody uses his WABAC time machine to  journey back in time and teach Sherman about history, or at least a slightly twisted version of history.  That premise lies in the background to the adventure in the new movie and leads to hilarious consequences.  However, the spin in the story comes when Sherman finds another use to Mr. Peabody’s invention, which wreaks some havoc across time.  The show pays homage to what made the original magical and includes plenty of humor to keep the adults entertained but without ever being inappropriate.


Ariel Winter plays Penny, Sherman’s rival and ultimately, travel companion. Winter and Burrell might seem obvious casting choices due to the popularity of Modern Family, but when they were initially cast over 2 years ago, Modern Family was only in it’s first season.  Winter has been doing voice work for cartoons since she was a young child. She currently also voices Sofia the First on television.


“Another talking dog movie” you might be asking? Mr. Peabody is not just any talking dog. He’s a brilliant one.  When asked about how they chose animation over live action for the film, Director Rob Minkoff (who directed The Lion King)responded, “I started to feel like the whole notion of a talking dog and a boy would be better in the kind of a fantasy world where you can accept a talking dog much more easily than if it’s a live action world. Because suddenly, there are a lot of questions about why does the dog talk. How does he talk? Is it weird? Do people think it’s normal? So, that’s really not the sensibility of the original show. The sensibility was that it’s an amazing character. He happens to be a dog, but nobody cares. Nobody bats an eye about it.”

Mr. Peabody and Sherman opens March 7th in 3D!

Connect with Mr. Peabody Online!

Visit the official website

Like Mr. Peabody & Sherman on Facebook

Follow @DWAnimation on Twitter #MrPeabody

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Last month we were invited to visit the DreamWorks Animation campus in Glendale. Daytripping Dad, Mike, as always with Hollywood events, covered the visit for us.  His coverage is as follows:

The beautiful DreamWorks campus is amazing. You can really tell it was designed to focus on the creativity and productivity of it’s staff and if you’ve seen their animation you can see how it pays off. This is the studio that brought you Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon!  They have now thoughtfully taken the beloved Jay Ward cartoon Peabody’s Improbable History and updated it for modern audience without taking away from what made the characters entertaining and endearing in eye poppy 3D!


Our day started by screening the 3D movie right there in one of DreamWorks’s cozy screening rooms.  Our 3D glasses were shaped just like those worn by Mr. Peabody. This should also be the case when you take your kiddos to see in theaters on March 7th.  Look for our review tomorrow on the blog.  After we watched the fun film, our large group of bloggers was split into two and we were all taken into breakout sessions with artists directly involved in the production.  The picture above is the Art Director for the film giving us a storyboard run down of a hilarious scene from the movie.  Storyboards and animation are synonymous and have been used ever since the technique was pioneered with Walt Disney.

Another session included a look into the special effects.  Peabody and Sherman travel through time with their special WABAC time machine. The amount of effort that was put into the space travel sequences is mind blowing. It took hundreds of man hours and months of work to create these moments that last just a minute on screen. It was made clear to us that just because these are computer animated films, they are not any less difficult or time consuming than their hand-drawn 2D counterparts.


Later we were able to have a nice lunch and were joined at the tables by many of those same people involved in making the film. I intentionally put myself at the same table as the director, Rob Minkoff.  I was like a giddy schoolboy chatting with the man. I mean, this was the director of The Lion King, the biggest grossing animated move EVER.  I was able to get some inside dirt on how difficult it was to get this picture made.  The project had been attempted in the 90s but then interest waned. Then the problem became acquiring the rights to the characters.  Tiffany Ward, the daughter of the creator, Jay Ward, had recently spent a lot of time and legal expense to bring the rights to all her father’s characters under one roof. Once that happened, it opened the possibility to bring Peabody and Sherman to the big screen.  Minkoff is very passionate about his film, as you would expect him to be.  He was very interested in the father/son relationship between the two characters.

Following lunch we were able to have a Q & A with the actors in the film, Ariel Winter and Max Charles. She plays the character of Penny, who at first appears to be a bully to Sherman but those differences are quickly resolved as their adventures get underway.


Winter was asked what she thought about the bullying aspect of her character.  She answered, “I think that when [Penny] gets threatened by Sherman a little bit because he comes in and kind of takes her place, I think she just acts out to take what she feels is hers back.  I don’t find Penny to be a bully in a sense. Because in the end, Penny really realizes some things about herself and we see that she has a huge heart and she really ends up caring for Sherman and Mr. Peabody.”  Winter and Charles recorded their parts separately.  They both wished that they could have worked together more frequently, but the animation process is unique for performers.  Charles is now ten years old and first began recording his parts when he was barely eight.  This film can be enjoyed by the parents just as much as children and that’s not something that can be said for many animated films these days.

Connect with Mr. Peabody Online!

Visit the official website

Like Mr. Peabody & Sherman on Facebook

Follow @DWAnimation on Twitter #MrPeabody


Disclosure: The trip was courtesy of DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox for purposes of reviewing the film.

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empire museum 2

We visited a few years back and can’t wait to go back again soon. It is truly a unique and interesting place.

I had the opportunity this past Saturday to take my family to the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris. Words can’t begin to describe what an amazing place this is for kids and adults alike. It’s an incredible place that will not soon be forgotten by our family. In fact my husband and I are going to plan a date around it just to go out and explore the grounds.

Trains galore!

Trains galore!

The Orange Empire Railway museum is 88 acres and quite extensive- so make sure to bring great walking shoes, sunscreen, hats, water and if you have the really teeny tots a good sturdy stroller.The Museum grounds are quite large and contain numerous buildings, parks and outdoor areas to explore. The grounds are quite large and there’s a lot to see! Our kids just loved running in the open space (although we were a little paranoid with the trains running around). You will have exhausted kids from exploring all day. The museum is home to the West’s largest collection of railway locomotives, passenger and freight cars, streetcars, interurban electric cars, buildings and other artifacts dating from the 1870′s (they even have old Disneyland ticket booths there!!)

The OERM is home to trolley cars, steam engines, and more.

The OERM is home to trolley cars, steam engines, and more.

Your little trains enthusiasts will have the opportunity to learn all about locomotives, steam engine and my absolute favorite (I’m a Los Angeles history buff) – the old Pacific Electric red cars and Los Angeles Railway yellow cars. We were able to walk around the hangers and see the trains that are in the middle of restorations by the dedicated volunteers. We were also able to explore different railway cars and locomotives which the kids went bonkers over. They loved shouting all aboard and manning the controls. My son was in train heaven!! There was so much to explore and although we spent 3 hours there it really was not enough time.

While admission and parking for the Museum is free, a ticket must be purchased to ride on the Museum Railway. The ticket is good for the entire day, for as many trips as you wish. Your fare goes directly towards meeting Museum operating expenses. On regular weekends, an all-day pass to ride the trains costs $12 for adults, $8 for children 5-11, free for kids under 5. We could not resist and opted to purchase a day pass and boy was it worth it. We rode two pacific electric cars, two southern pacific trains and a trolley all for about the price of a movie. It was an amazing experience and the kiddos of course were thrilled.

I would say that this most definitely is an outing that would take a couple of hours. There is a park/picnic area where you can enjoy lunch under the shade. Pack drinks and a picnic and you will be set!! There is also a snack shop with food that not only was tasty but quite reasonable. I would also make sure to pack a camera because this is a photography heaven!

The museum is open everyday- however most of the exhibits and the railway are closed weekdays. The best day to visit is on the weekends from 9 am to 5pm- although the railway runs from 11am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday.

The museums is located at
2201 South “A” street
Perris, 92570

We had no problems with our directions from mapquest and our navigation system. It led us right to the entrance.

You can learn more about the museum here.

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laguna beach


Spring Break is coming up and I wanted to write a couple of posts with some fun ideas. I’ve posted about these fun places before but I thought I would mention them again since they are tried and true favorites! Plus all you need is a tank of gas, some parking and food and you are ready to roll! Have fun!

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If you’re looking for something fun to do this Saturday night, perhaps the perfect date night, head out to the Whole Foods in Venice for an evening that looks to be tres magnifique! The Whole Foods in Venice will host a very French evening out featuring a taste of France and an art exhibit.

The wine tasting features samples of  French wine paired with petit fours. While you sip enjoy the art of the wine label designer and Germany-based French artist Gildas Coudrais. He brings a unique touch to wine labels and his artwork gets close to the aesthetics of pop culture. His work is reminiscent of billboards on the sunset strip but remains loyal to the European tradition. $10 per person, proceeds benefit the Whole Planet Foundation.

It promises to be a fun night, plus it benefits a great cause. It’s a win-win!

The event will take place at the Whole Foods Venice location from 5pm to 8pm.

To learn more about the event head here.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Whole Foods Market Venice.


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roller skates

I loved roller skating as a child and teenager. I would go skating for what seemed hours after school. I lived in Glendale for most of my teenage years and visited the Moonlight Roller Rink more times than I can count. It was always fun. My daughter recently visited her first roller skating rink and had the time of her life. It brought back memories of having a blast on my skates.

Lace up your skates and check out some of the fun roller rinks in the area.

Los Angeles

1. Moonlight Rollerway- Glendale

2. Northridge Skateland – Northridge

3. Skate Depot - Cerritos

Orange County

1. Fountain Valley Skating Center - Fountain Valley

2. Holiday Skate Center – Orange

Riverside County

1. Epic Roller Rink - Murrieta

2. Roller City 2001- Riverside

3. Cal Skate Grand Terrace – Grand Terrace

4. Skate Express – Chino

San Diego

1. San Diego Skateworld – San Diego

2. RSportzArena – El Cajon

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The Carlsbad Seapointe Resort

Last month we packed a weekend bag, some snacks and headed down to Carlsbad, for a weekend of fun at the Carlsbad Seapointe Resort. The Resort is part of the Grand Pacific Resort group and are vacation condos that sit directly across a spectacular stretch of sand and with incredibly views of the Pacific Ocean and some pretty spectacular sunsets.

The view from our room

From the moment we stepped on the grounds, I knew that we had a fantastic weekend in store for our family. First off let me tell you about our room. We stayed in a two bedroom condo, that had everything a family could ask for. The room was equipped with a full size kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living area, dining area and a balcony with views that seemed to stretch for miles.

We never had to leave the resort and cooked most of our meals. It is a perfect setup for families!

It was so nice to have room to stretch and be able to set up the kiddos in one room. My husband couldn’t make it and my two sisters, niece and mom came down with us and it was so nice to have so much space! The rooms are equipped with three flat screen TV’s, DVD players, iPod/iPhone docking stations and did I mention the comfiest beds and pillows I’ve ever experienced? The condos are very comfortable, spacious and well appointed.

The rooms also had a nice fireplace that we enjoyed every evening.

Honest to goodness, I think the biggest mistake I made on our little getaway was leaving the resort. Saturday morning we decided to check out the Carlsbad Outlets and I wish we had not left the resort. It’s just too fun to leave. The hotel has a children’s play area, a family pool, an adult only pool, a family spa and an adult only spa. You can enjoy some family swim time during the day and then head in the evening for some quiet time at the adult only spa.

The kids had a blast playing the children’s spray area!

The resort also is home to a children’s playground, spray area, BBQ/Picnic areas, BBQ grills, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts. Honestly, I hope we can spend an entire week there because one weekend is not enough!

My daughter Lauren loving every second of our weekend getaway!

My daughter Lauren loving every second of our weekend getaway!

If you do want to leave the grounds, the resort is centrally located with easy access to Legoland, Carlsbad Village, The San Diego Zoo, The San Diego Zoofari Park, Sea World, incredible beaches, shopping, restaurants and all that San Diego has to offer.

If you are looking for a great vacation at the beach with the family, you definitely have to check out the Carlsbad Seapointe Resort. I promise you won’t be disappointed and will have the best time with your family! For additional info head here.

Disclosure: This is not a compensated post. A complimentary room was provided to aid in the review.
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Credit: Dana Point Festival of Whales

Credit: Dana Point Festival of Whales


One of my favorite Southern California events is back and I can’t wait to make it out to one of the weekends of the Dana Point Festival of Whales. The festival is celebrating it’s 43rd  anniversary and features two weekends of family fun. The festival will feature  whale watching, kids free fishing clinic, free fishing trips, art lessons, a mobile Marine Mammal Museum, a rubber ducky race, a festival of whale parade, live entertainment, food and much much more (like I could go on and on!).

The festival will take place over the course of two weekends. The first weekend of the festival will be March 1st and 2nd. The second weekend of celebrations will take place the weekend after, on March 8th and 9th.

There will be free shuttle service available on both weekends. You can park and ride free on both weekends all day long. Most of the events and activities are either free or very low cost. It’s an educational experience and just plain fun.

For additional info head here.

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