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We love Knott’s Berry Farm for many reasons and here’s one more reason why we can’t get enough of this fun place. From now until March 18th,Knott’s Berry Farm and Susan G. Komen Orange County are working together for the third year to raise money for breast cancer awareness, services and research by offering special “Pink Tickets” and commemorative Knott’s for the Cure t-shirts.

75% of the funds raised for Susan G. Komen are used to provide local services throughout Orange County:

  • Breast cancer detection and treatment education
  • Information and support for breast cancer survivors and families
  • Funding for free mammograms for uninsured and underserved women

25% of the funds raised for Susan G. Komen support national research to discover the cure for breast cancer.

We’ve had both friends and family dear to us, be affected by this terrible disease. We love what the Susan G. Komen foundation does to help support survivors and families. One key to helping fight breast cancer is early detection and the Susan G. Komen foundations makes mammograms available to many that are unable to afford them.

Supporting a great cause and having fun at a great theme park? Sign me up!

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On The Boardwalk – at Knott’s Berry Farm

Our dad blogger Mike, had the opportunity to check out the new Knott’s Berry Farm Boardwalk and shares all about it!

It’s now open! Knott’s Berry Farm’s all new Boardwalk addition, featuring the Surfside Glider, Paradise Scrambler and the new roller coaster, the Coast Rider. If you haven’t been to Knott’s Berry Farm, you are in for a treat. Knott’s Berry Farm Theme Park is just the place to go for family fun! More than 165 rides, shows, attractions, restaurants and shops in five themed areas shape the Knott’s experience.

KBF Boardwalk Wide Shot Night

These new additions to Knott’s are specifically family friendly attractions. The roller coaster is similar to Goofy’s Sky School or the Technic coaster at Legoland, but much smoother than either of those.  The Pacific Scrambler and Surfside Glider allow up to three riders to sit together, which allows the family to enjoy the experience together.

KBF Boardwalk Wide Shot Day

The Timber Mountain Log Ride has come out from his million dollar makeover. It now features brand new animated people and animals. The trough also got a new coat of green paint! The makeover has really revitalized this class ride. Did you know that this is the first themed log ride ever built?

KBF Log Ride Scene Man Turning Lever

The new elements add some extra fun and excitement to this classic ride. “The Timber Mountain Log Ride not only embodies the spirit of Knott’s Berry Farm, but it also set the bar for all themed attractions that came after,” says Raffi Kaprelyan, Knott’s general manager who worked for Bud Hurlbut from 1979-1983.  “Bud Hurlbut made numerous contributions to Knott’s Berry Farm, but I think that the Timber Mountain Log Ride remains his crowning achievement.”

KBF Log Ride Scene Animals Invade Campsite

Knott’s is a great place for young families. In addition to Camp Snoopy’s rides,  all ages can experience the 1896 Dentzel Carousel, classic Timber Mountain Log Ride, Calico Mine Ride, Ghost Town and Calico Railroad and authentic Butterfield Stagecoach.

Knott’s opens daily at 10 AM. Admission is $59.99  for adults, kids ages 3-11 and Seniors $30.99 and parking is only $15


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. We were invited to experience the new Boardwalk at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Knott’s Berry Farm Boardwalk Expansion and Log Ride Refurbishment

Snoopy is hard at work!

Snoopy is hard at work!

From funnel cakes to Boysenberry juice to being held up on the train to Camp Snoopy, all of us probably have favorite memories of the little gem in Buena Park, America’s First Theme Park, Knott’s Berry Farm.  Knott’s will soon unveil their huge new expansion in the Boardwalk section of the park. Crews are busy at work prepping the new area for it’s grand opening Memorial Day Weekend.  Here is what’s coming:

Coast Rider: This brand new roller coaster will have a 52 foot ascent and a fast drop along 1,339 feet of track filled with hairpin turns, twists and spins. It’s a wild mouse coaster taken to new “heights!”

Surfside Glider: Guests will ride to a height of 28 feet in two-man aircraft and zip through the air, all while being able to control the back and forth movement.  It’s a classic amusement park ride that will be a perfect fit down at The Farm.

Pacific Scrambler: You may recall last seeing this by Bigfoot Rapids at the Wilderness Scrambler. It’s now returning almost to it’s original spot when it was known as the Whirlpool.


Boardwalk at Night

This area will look beautiful at night!


Can you tell how excited Snoopy is for all of this new stuff? All of these new attractions are family friendly.


The Coast Rider was assembled in about a week by a crew working at night, which allowed the day crew to continue preparing the concrete work for the other rides.

And just when you thought all the Boardwalk fabulous was enough, Knott’s is also updating the Timber Mountain Log Ride. This classic ride, which is the first ever fully themed log ride attraction, is getting some loving care. This includes replacing all of the human figures with new animated figures as well as many of the animals.


  The picture above will soon be featured in the part of the ride seen below.


There are many other surprises to be seen in the updated Timber Mountain Log Ride. Come see it, when it reopens on May 30th!

Knott’s Berry Farm has always been a great value for families looking for a day or even a season of fun. Consider picking up some season passes and for a few bucks more, get Knott’s Soak City included with it. This could be a summer the kids never forget!

2013 Season Passes are available for only $72.00 or 6 easy payments of $12.00 for a limited time. Knott’s Season passes have no blackout dates.·    

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Disclosure: This is not a compensated post. I just happen to be a Knott’s junkie!