Rose Parade viewing tips

Rose Parade Viewing tips

If you are thinking of heading out to Pasadena to view the 2011 Tournament of Roses Parade- here’s a list of tips to make it a fun and comfortable experience

 1. Layer up- The high for New Year’s Day is supposed to be in the high 50’s.  Dress in layers so that you can easily remove a layer or two when it starts to warm up. If you’re bringing little ones I would also bring scarves, gloves, a blanket and mittens
. 2. Overnight camping is permitted only on the night before the parade. Do not arrive before noon the day before the parade.
 3. If you plan on camping – bring plenty of blankets, sleeping bags and pillows. You are also allowed to bring a small barbecue. You may not bring tents or start any form of bonfire.
 4. If you are camping be prepared for a sleepless night. I’ve camped out a couple of times with my family and didn’t sleep a wink. The crowd also gets a bit rowdy. I really wouldn’t recommend camping out if you have small children.
 5. If you would like to view the parade in style and be as comfortable as possible- splurge on grandstand tickets. For more info click here- Tickets are still available.
6. If you are light sensitive make sure to sit on the west side of the street
 7. The Tournament of Roses Parade follows the same route every year: Starting on Ellis St., it heads north on S. Orange Grove Blvd., then east on Colorado Blvd, north (left turn) on Sierra Madre Blvd., and ending at Paloma Street.- Plan ahead to determine where you would like to seat- also there is no public, curbside parade viewing on Orange Grove Blvd. from Del Rosa to Colorado Blvd. and on Colorado from Orange Grove to Terrace. Grandstand ticket holders only.
8. If you would like to see the parade live in person, but have small children or the idea of camping out seems like a nightmare- this might be for you- head over to the end of the parade – on Sierra Madre blvd. Plan on arriving at 830am.  You can easily find a spot without having to camp out.  
9. Parking can be a nightmare. You can park in residential areas but be prepared for a walk. You can also pay anywhere between 10-25 dollars and park close up to the parade route in any of the private lots. If you are planning on this make sure you bring cash.
 10. The parade starts at 8am sharp and is approximately 2 and a half hours long.
11. Bring plenty of water and snacks. If you have little ones- bring them along in a wagon and store your supplies in the wagon.
12. If you would still like to view the floats close up but can’t make it out to the parade don’t worry- Buy tickets for the best and most interesting part of the Rose Parade: float viewing. You can get closer to the floats and talk to their builders here. Crowds will be smaller if you can arrive immediately when they open on the morning after the parade. Use an area park-and-ride lot, or if you have a carful of people, try for one of the paid lots near Pasadena High School. I will be covering this in a later post.

Snow Days at Kidspace Museum

I love the rain but after tonight, I think I’m ready for some sunshine. I’m already planning on some fun things to do with my family and this is one event that I am adding to my list

We love the Kidspace Museum in Pasadena. It is a great place for kiddos to explore and have a great time. On Sunday, December 26th and Monday December 27th, The Kidspace Children’s Museum will hold Snow Days.Grab your mittens, jacket, and hat and  ready to play in real snow at Kidspace. Let the kiddos make snowmen, snowballs, and even snow angels! Learn how snow is formed in nature and enjoy traditional winter crafts including snowflake making, cookie decorating and pine cone ornaments.

Snow day is included with admission to the museum. It would be a perfect after Christmas treat for the entire family!

For additional info head over here.