Winners of Pretend City and Dia De los Muertos

Sorry this is a little late. The 14 winners are …

1. Jennifer Mcduffee

2. Julie L

3. Markitos & Mommy

4. Shanna

5. Katie, who wrote.

Katie says:

Hi I really appreciate all of these great tips for places to go! I have 3 toddlers who love to stay busy and this looks like a fun place to let them play! Thanks for all you do!

6. Diana Gonzalez

7. Lindsay who wrote..

lindsay says:

sounds like a blast! looking forward to more details (and maybe to being a winner!) :) thanks for putting this together!

8. debra

9. Nia

10. Bev

11. Anne Jones

12. Amanda Bilger

13. Ellen L

14. Teresa Moorehead

Email me at if you are one of the 14. You have until Friday morning to reply. If winners do not reply by Friday morning I will open up more spots friday afternoon.

Now for the winners of Day of the Dead.

1. Arcadia Mom

2. Norma Villasenor

Thank you all for entering! Stay tuned because we are going to have some really fun giveaways and of course fun places to visit!


  1. Markitos & Mommy says:

    Siiiiiiiii…..!!!!…Thank you very much, I feel sooooo Happy for winning the tickets. I can’t wait to call my friend and invite her and her lil’ boy to come over with us. I appreciate all of the hard work that you do and for setting up this great event. Looking forward to meeting you soon!!! siiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! whoooo…hoooo!!!

  2. Jennifer McDuffee says:

    OMG thank you so much!!!! I can’t wait to hear back from you with instructions! My daughter will be so excited! You just made my day… and today is my birthday. What an awesome present!
    Thanks again!

  3. amanda says:


    I just checked your website and realized I needed to email you by this morning. Did I lose my spot? Please let me know thanks amanda

    • Daytrippingmom says:

      Hi Lindsay,
      I’m going to check my spam. Sorry much of my email is foxing to spam. I will send you an email with instructions asap.

  4. lindsay says:

    hey there- just wondering if I am still on your list? 🙂 i sent you an email but maybe it got in your spam filter (or your reply got caught in mine) or something cause I haven’t heard back. we’d still love to join you! please keep us posted on if we are still in or not!

  5. Bev says:

    Hi There, I was wondering the same thing. I sent you an email on the 29th but maybe it went to your spam? We are optimistically excited 🙂 Please keep us posted. Thank you!!! Bev

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