Giveaway Time- Souplantation Express

One of my favorite places to dine out with my family is Souplantation. I love  Souplantation because  they provide a variety of healthy options, are very family friendly and well this food is just delish!

Souplantation has opened a new fast food restaurant called Souplantation Express in Carlsbad.  The video above explains what this new restaurant is all about.

It’s Giveaway time!

One lucky winner will win a four pack of passes to use at any Souplantation or Souplantation Express Restaurants. All you have to do is leave a comment letting me know  what you love about Souplantation and you will be entered to win. Contest will end on Sunday, Feb 27 at 11:59pm. Winner will be chosen at random.

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  1. Heather says:

    Love love love their ceasar salad. Who doens’t love ice cream too..especially when you put it over one of those chocolate brownie thingy’s they have there.

  2. Cristina Ruhland says:

    I love Soup Plantation because my kids LOVE it! And they are super picky eaters. They actually eat a (mostly) healthy meal, which in turn means no issues at the table over dinner. Yay!

  3. Dawn Monge says:

    We love Souplantation for the variety. On those nights when cooking is just too overwhelming, I know we can go to Souplantation & both my 10 & 6 year olds will still eat healthy, and feel so special about choosing their own meals.
    The food is hearty enough to fill up hubby, too. No guilt like when we eat fast food, and reasonable prices in a family friendly atmosphere. I’m thinking we might have to go for dinner this weekend 😉

  4. Mindy Richardson says:

    My family loves Soupplantation.My son love their pasta and pizza bread.My daughter and I can`t get enough of the huge salad bar and muffin.I actually choose to go there every year for Mothers Day.We just can`t get enough!

  5. Sharra says:

    I love that everyone can find something they like & there are always fresh healthy options. I just started weight watchers and im excited to try out my points at this place!!

  6. Janel says:

    Wonton Chicken Happiness, lemon month, strawberry month, what is there not to love? Besides, I love the “no wait” for food with squirmy kids and guilt free options!

  7. Estee says:

    I have always LOVED soup and salad, so of course my favorite restaurant is Souplantation! It’s now my sons favorite place to eat and it’s about the only time I can get him to eat salad! He loves the frozen yogurt too!!

  8. kymberli q. says:

    What is there NOT to love about Souplantation? We LOVE it! Salads, pretend pizza sticks :), baked potatoes, macaroni and cheese, soup, chocolate muffins and frozen yogurt. Heaven. 🙂

  9. debby munar says:

    It is quick, and somewhat of a healthier choice. Kids love going, and the constant turnover of themed food makes it fun to try new things, or revisit old favorites. Best of all it’s YUMMO!

  10. Linda W. says:

    I love that there is something for everyone in my family. Between allergies and picky eaters, it’s hard to find a restaurant that pleases everyone. But Souplantation is an all-around crowd-pleaser!

  11. Joyce valdez says:

    What’s there not to love about souplantation?! The only buffet I eat without feeling guilty or needing a detox afterwards! Love their salads and chili. Just thinking of it makes me hungry

  12. Emily says:

    I love Souplantation! I love that there is such a variety of foods that my kids can try. And we love their cheese bread, muffins, and frozen yogurt.

  13. rebecca says:

    Following you & souplantation on TWITTER and following Souplantation on FB!

    Can you believe we’ve never been to Souplantation! I mean I’ve heard of it and I’ve seen coupons in the paper, but who doesn’t like all you can eat! woot!

  14. Adam says:

    I love the fresh vegtables and excellent soups. While All-You-Can-Eat is a great start for a resturaunt, having something worth eating is what really makes this place great. It’s guilt-free gluttony for me.

  15. Brandi says:

    The Souplantation is my favorite place to go with the family. It has the freshest veggies, GREAT SOUP, (love love love the chicken noodle and clam chowder!), and have the best little blueberry muffins! Getting hungry just thinking about it! The best part is it always looks clean and their is plenty of fresh cold and hot food to go around. The temperature of the food is always perfect!!!! Love it there!

  16. Mom of a Princess says:

    I love their made from scratch soups, especially the potato leek soup. I also love that it’s veggies that the whole family will eat.

  17. Griselda Galvez says:

    I love going to the Soup Plantation with my family because it gives us time to eat together and stay there for a couples of hours talking and eating without feeling rushed to leave. :-), Plus I love the different breads, they have.

  18. dancing mom says:

    I love the salads and the kids love it because they can choose what they want to eat. The food is healthy, delicious and yummy!

  19. tana says:

    My family loves Souplantation! My 4 year old needs to eat good calories every day and he achieves that goal when we eat there! My 2 year old is a huge fan of the clam chowder and mommy and daddy get to enjoy a yummy, healthy meal.

  20. Melissa says:

    What I love about Soup Plantation is that my kids feels like they are at a fancy restaurant, yet I don’t have to spend a lot. Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. Angela Garcia says:

    These Days you can’t go wrong with a free meal for the whole family 🙂 hope im lucky this time, Good luck to everyone!

  22. Jessica Estrada says:

    HMMMM! what I love about souplantation. My kids eat the food and that is a big plus for me to see my kids eat vegies and salads like its going out of style.I love that fact that it is buffet of good for you food that you can eat eat eat and not feel bad once your stuffed. Salad Bar is always the best because of the different pasta salads and additions they have available!

  23. Chelsea says:

    What I love about Souplantation is that there is something to eat for our entire family! There is something for all of us to enjoy no matter what our ages are! WE LOVE SOUPLANTATION!!!!

  24. Jennifer K says:

    LOVE Souplantation! I love to eat salads, as well as other vegetables and this is always the restaurant that I meet my girlfriends with with we meet with our kids for lunch. Something for everyone, especially the kiddos!

  25. Monica says:

    It all is very convenient & you can see all the ingredients & prep right in front of you. You never know what ingredients are added in the kitchen – everything here is up front for all to see!

  26. Alex says:

    My daughter doesn’t like foods ro be mixed. We love going somewhere she can have just beans, next to just pieces of egg, etc.

  27. Apryl says:

    We love Soup Plantation because my kids can make their own healthy salads. They think it’s great. And then there’s the dessert…haha

  28. Victoria says:

    I love taking my family to Souplantation because there is something for everyone (I have 2 picky eaters). And you can’t beat All-You-Can-Eat salad!!! Yummy!

  29. Lisa L. says:

    We love Soup Plantation! there’s finger food for the kids, chinese chicken salad for me and my hubby loves it too! And you have to love the icecream bar!

  30. Janette says:

    I love everything about the soup plantation! I guess if I had to pick favorites it would be the tuna pasta salad, or the beets w/ one of there tasty green salads, or the muffins or the lentil soup or the soft serve dryers ice cream on top of one of there brownies or cobblers. Yeah I really soup plantation!

  31. Betty N says:

    Two of my favorites are the Chicken Noodle Soup (with huge chunks of chicken) and those wonderful chocolate muffins that I use as dessert

  32. Elizabeth says:

    My family and I have not had a chance to eat at the Souplantation yet, but with all these great reviews I think we will have to try the place out soon.

  33. Lori M. says:

    I love the healthy options that Souplantation provides for us as a family. I don’t feel so bad eating all you can eat when it is healthy.

  34. shawn hernandez says:

    My family loves Souplantation! Where else can you get such a variety of fruits, vegetables, soups, and baked goods all prepared and ready to eat! Great place for small children too 🙂

  35. Pam says:

    I have 3 kids & we would love to try Souplantation. We don’t get to eat out that often so it would be such a treat!! My kids love all foods & I like the idea of everyone getting to try different healthy food items all under the same roof<3 Thank you.

  36. Mary Elderton says:

    I have not yet been to Souplantation 🙁 But we just moved where we have one very close to us. My family back home has raved about how fresh everything is, it’s all you can eat, has huge variety-something for everyone.

  37. barbara wright says:

    By us, they’re Sweet Tomatoes. They are my daughter’s and my favorite restaurant because their veggies are always nice and fresh, unlike most other places with salad bars. My absolute favorite food there is their french onion soup, but I wish they’d list in on their online menu. I’ve been there many times when the menu didn’t list it, but I got there and it WAS. So I’ve come to HOPE it’s always there, but it’s not, which is very disappointing.

  38. kelly rodgers says:

    i love that my [highly picky] 5 year old daughter can sample new things without making a huge commitment. and at the end, she can make her own frozen yogurt sundae. it’s our go-to on-the-go restaurant.

  39. Kathleen S. says:

    I love Souplantation’s Won Ton Chicken Happiness salad, it is SO good! I also love that everything there always tastes so fresh! Thanks.

  40. April says:

    I love their well stocked salad bars. I rarely get to eat all of the goodies that I pile on my plate there – spinach, radishes, all the goodies for a salad you could ever want. And to be able to finish off with some soft serve? What could be better?

  41. Jill says:

    What I like about Soup Plantation is…..the salad bar! And even better, that I don’t have to do all the work chopping up all those veggies! Such a great selection and healthy too.

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