Summer Indoor Fun: Pizza and a Movie

Pizza and Hansen’s

I love summer. I love being outside and hanging by the beach. It’s a time to be outdoors and enjoy the warm sun. The last two weeks have been anything but warm, they have been sweltering. It has been over 100 degrees almost every day this past week in our neck of the woods and that makes me want to stay indoors and enjoy my air conditioner ( check here for ac installments).

When the weather is a little too toasty for my taste, I like to get some crafts going, skip making dinner, order a pizza, pop in a movie and enjoy an afternoon in with the family. Part of that also means bringing out the fun drinks and for our family that meant getting out some Hansen’s Natural Soda. We are obsessed with the Kiwi Strawberry and Mango Orange flavor. They are so delicious!

Our summer obsession: Kiwi Strawberry Hansen’s Natural Soda

I want to make sure the kiddos don’t go stir crazy on these too hot to head outside days and part of these staying in days means to make sure we can make them as fun as possible. We order in their favorite pizza. I pick a fun flick from netflix or their favorite from my own collection. I also made sure to pick up some fun popcorn containers for the kids that I found in the dollar spot at Target and fill them up with their favorite popcorn. The kids love all the little details and they actually look forward to our “staying in” time.

Disclosure: This is part of Hansen’s Summer Sponsored ¬†Campaign. However, all opinions are my own.

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