Easter Egg Drop!


Our Dad Blogger Robert, wanted to share about a super fun event taking place in Laguna Hills this Saturday, March 30th. This Saturday March 30th between 10am and noon there will be a very fun Easter event for kids, and best of all it is free!  Crossline Church in Laguna Hills will be having their annual Helicopter Easter Egg Drop.

This year the Easter bunny will be dropping 40,000 plastic eggs filled with candy from a helicopter  that hovers above an open field.  The event organizers make sure to have separate areas set aside for different age groups so the smaller children don’t get trampled, and that all of the kids get some eggs.  Once all of the eggs are dropped, as a grand finale, the Easter Bunny will parachute from the helicopter down to the field to greet the children.

For more info go to www.crosslinechurch.com. The event is free but they would like you to preregister so they know how many people to expect. For additional info head here.

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