For those on go: Honey Maid GoBites #ThisIsWholesome

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Being Latino and Honey Maid. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


Like most young American families, our life Monday through Saturday is go-go-go! I leave very early to head to my teaching job, while my husband, who works very close to home, is responsible for getting the kids up and dressed and out the door.  You would think by now that we would be organized and do things like prepare lunches ahead of time, the night before. So far, this is only an occasional occurrence and lunches get hastily prepped 10 minutes before heading out the door.  Because of this, having healthy but convenient snacks are a must.

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My kids are picky, so it can be challenging finding healthy food and treats for their lunch. It doesn’t help that they also have an every changing sense of things the will and won’t eat for lunch.  These days, having them buy lunch at school is not much of  better option with most of the school lunches being loaded with carbs.  It is important to be to be able to fill them up with food that is filling and not just a filler.


New Honey Maid GoBites are crispy pockets with delicious fillings delivering protein and whole grains.  These little snacks provide the protein and 7 grams of whole grains with a delicious taste that helps fuel our on-the-go family.  We look forward to trying both the chocolate and vanilla flavors and hope you do too.

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