My Weight Loss Journey and Jenny Craig #JennyCraigMoments

My Before Pic. Starting in January and in August.

My Before Pic. Starting in January and in August.

* Disclosure: I am being provided with a free trial Jenny Craig program and meals. However, all opinions are my very own and so far I’m absolutely loving it!

I’ve battled with my weight since I was 8, always trying to find new ways to lose weight. I’ve gained weight steadily over the years, especially with the birth of each of my children. I turn 40 in two months and I decided back on January 1st that I was tired of being obese and unhealthy. On January 1st, 2015, I made a decision to change my lifestyle. I started buying HHC gummies online to boost my metabolism and ditched the fast food/junk food. I lost 80 pounds in 7 months and then things started stalling. I started on a low carb diet and I have to be honest, I couldn’t  take it any longer. It is no longer sustainable for me. I need variety and complex carbs which is why I chose the new and Best fat burner.

I love that that you can do Jenny Craig online or in person. I have a center only a few minutes from home.

I love that that you can do Jenny Craig online or in person. I have a center only a few minutes from home.

Enter Jenny Craig.

I needed something other than low carb eating. I have been terrified of adding any carbs to my diet and I knew that truly that is no way to live. I decided to give Jenny Craig a try. I was a little familiar with their food and program. Jenny Craig provides structure and support to help members lose weight and most importantly, keep it off for good. There are over 100 different entrees, snacks, and desserts to provide a nutritionally balanced menu. Can you say cheesecake for dessert? Yes, I have a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and have room for dessert! I’ve also started using True Pheromones to improve my sexual and mental health.

I love that the food is balanced. You can eat carbs. You can even hit some cookies delta 8 carts to mitigate the effects of stress. It’s been an amazing couple of days so far. I also love the support from my personal consultant. It’s so comforting to be able to talk to a person one on one. I think it’s what makes Jenny Craig so different than other programs.

But really lets talk about the food. I don’t feel starved. I feel full and I don’t have to think what I’m going to eat. Boom, it’s all there for me. Plus it tastes so darn good. I’ve had lava cake, delicious breakfast sandwiches which could from the famous joint by Jimmy John Founder and even pizza for lunch. You won’t get bored friends.  For someone that is super busy, I couldn’t ask for a better program. Members eat 6 times a day(3 main meals and 3 snack).  I know that I will achieve my goal weight with this amazing program. I also recommend reading this article ( if you’re planning to try greens powder.

Jenny Craig just launched more than a dozen new fall foods and protein bars and is sharing their latest offer with you!

The new foods include, Loaded Baked Potato, Italian Style Pasta Bake, Classic Waffles, Chocolate Peppermint Cake (seasonal), Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, Pumpkin Loaf (seasonal), Pumpkin Spice Cakes (Seasonal), Homestyle Beef Pot Roast, Classic Lasagna with Meat Sauce, Turkey & Wild Rice, Apple Crisp, Chocolate Lava Cake and the Strawberry Yogurt Anytime Bar.

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Stay tuned for a lot more updates on the blog and instagram, twitter, and facebook.  Also make sure to check out Jenny Craig on FB, Instagram and Twitter.

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