E.T. in Concert at the Hollywood Bowl


I’m having a hard time believing that August will be over in just a few days. September is pretty much here. We’re looking forward to Labor Day weekend and having a mini stay-cation in Los Angeles.

One of the things we are looking forward to doing is saying goodbye to Summer with a bang. We’re heading to the Hollywood Bowl next Saturday evening and can’t wait!  The Hollywood Bowl will be showing E.T in concert and under the stars on September 4th, 5th, and 6th (Fri-Sun). We had the opportunity to watch Back to The Future in concert at the Bowl earlier in this Summer and had so much fun. The Los Angeles Philharmonic will  performs John Williams’ the Academy Award-winning score in its entirety.

The movies in concert series at the Hollywood Bowl is a perfect family evening out. You can purchase tickets starting at $13 and enjoy a night you won’t soon forget! There is still time to make it to the Hollywood Bowl if you haven’t had the opportunity to make it out this Summer. There are performances in September, including the fireworks finale with the B-52’s.

To purchase tickets, check out the Hollywood Bowl’s calendar, or to learn more about E.T. in Concert, head here.

Empowering Tween Girls, Project MC2 #StreamTeam

In the three-episode “Project Mc2,” available now on Netflix, the fledgling teenage spies are smart, stylish and far from social geeks.

Thanks to Project Mc2, she's become obsessed with her googles and experiments!

Thanks to Project Mc2, she’s become obsessed with her googles and experiments!


I love love sharing about anything that I find uplifting and that other parents/kiddos would join. My daughter has recently fallen in love with Project Mc2 .  What is it you ask? Project Mc2  follows four super smart and science-skilled girls as they are recruited to join the spy organization, NOV8 (“Innovate”), and work together to save the day. Project Mc² shows that Smart is the New Cool™ incorporating S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) in a fun way and depicting smart girls, that viewers can relate to, throughout the series.


Girls and #STEM. Lauren was inspired by #projectmc2 on @netflix #StreamTeam #ad #spon

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My daughter has really become inspired by the show and when turned into quite the experiment girl.

There is also a new line of dolls connected with the show, designed to empower girls. A reminder to all children that are free to become what ever they want to be.

“The Project Mc² brand was developed in order to inspire girls that it’s cool to be smart, leverage the growing trend of STEM,” the toy company’s CEO Isaac Larian told Mashable.

“We considered a variety of activities and projects that young kids enjoy in order to create an assortment of experiment kits that would pique children’s interest, while infusing real science and meaningful technology and engineering play.”

And to make the dolls even more appealing to kids, each was created to be different from each other, from their physical appearance to personality, and even their fashion sense.

“We wanted the characters to reflect what a real life group of friends would look like,” Larian explained. “Each character is engineered to stand at a different height, has a unique face sculpt and represents a different cultural background.”

I hope the success of this program leads to other shows that inspire my children to greater heights.

Back To School with Fabkids #Fabkidsbacktoschool #spon



She’s rockin her new @fabkids outfit! It’s cute enough for both back to school and church! #ad #spon

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Back to School is here and Summer is coming to an end. The kids started school two weeks ago and I went back to work three weeks ago. It’s been a busy time at our home and it has involved a lot of back to school shopping. We’ve bought school supplies, backpacks, shoes, and of course cute outfits.

We’re subscribe to Fabkids and have been able to get some pretty cute outfits that my daughter is crazy about. I love clothes that are made well, versatile, and won’t break the bank. Fabkids offers all three. My daughter choose this adorable outfit above for back to school. It’s perfect because not only can she wear it to school, she can also wear it to church, birthday parties, and family outings.

Fabkids  is shopping for kids, made easy. There are two ways to shop and it’s all done from the comfort of your own home. You can get a regular membership and shop all outfits at regular price or you can get a VIP membership and have a personalized outfit pick for your kiddo by the FabKids stylists.

There are many Back School Deals Under $20 for VIP Members

  • Dresses start at $16.95
  • Sneakers start at $19.95
  • Tops & Tees start at $9.95
  • Tutus star at $7.95
  • Leggings – choose any 3 for $19.95

To check out Fabkids and start shopping head here.