Star Trek Beyond and Movie Sneak Peeks #FrontierSoCal #ad

We’re already having a blast at the advanced screening of @startrekmovie, thanks to #FrontierSoCal and #Epix #ad #spon

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We are really enjoying our summer. It’s slowly winding down as I return back to work next week and the kids start school a few days after. We’ve really enjoyed our movie dates. It’s a welcome relief from the heat and also the turbulent times that we’ve all been facing. Last Thursday we had the opportunity to experience an advanced screening of Star Trek Beyond, thanks to Frontier So Cal and Epix.  It was so much fun and a movie that kept us at the edge of our seats.

We were able to be apart of this special screening, along with dozens of other people , thanks in part to the Frontier So Cal Sweepstakes.  The kiddos were able to walk the red carpet and take some fun photos on the step and repeat. We had a great time watching the movie and enjoying a night out with the family. Other families were able to enjoy the same fun by entering the Frontier So Cal sweepstakes. Check their page often for other fun promotions, and other local events.

Did you also know that you  can also watch movies the night before their general release? This is something we learned a few years ago. This year we’ve watched quite a few movies that way.  Check your local theater to see if your local theaters offer preview screenings the night before.

I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are. Go out and make some memories!



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