OC Parks Annual Pass for Regional/Wilderness/Beach Parking pass

Do you know about OC Parks Annual Day Pass for Regional Parks, Wilderness Parks and Beach Parking? I didn’t until a couple of weeks ago and now I can’t imagine not having an annual pass to OC Parks Regional and Wilderness Parks. OC Parks gave my family an annual pass for the year and I find myself using it at least on a weekly basis. I imagine we will probably use it on a daily basis once it starts to warm up.

The OC Parks Annual Combination Pass is $80 and gives you access to all of the regional and wilderness parks in the area. It also gives you beach parking to 4 of my favorite beaches- Aliso Beach(my absolute favorite beach), Capistrano Beach, Salt Creek Beach(gorgeous beach!) and Dana Point Harbor.

 I live about a mile away from Yorba Regional and have found myself going a couple of times a week(before the rain). The kiddos love the park grounds and before it started raining asked at least once a day if we could head over to the beautiful park. We are also huge fans of Irvine Regional Park. We easily spend an entire  day there. We pack a picnic, ride the train, walk the grounds, play, feed the ducks and then head over to the OC Zoo.   The Regional parks are gorgeous and the annual pass is an incredible deal.

As the weather warms up the parking pass for OC beaches will really come in handy. We head to Aliso Beach on an  almost weekly basis in the summer and this year I won’t have to worry about parking! Wohoo! I can’t wait.
You can find more about the OC Annual Parks by heading here and you can purchase your pass by heading here.
The annual pass is  a really good deal for families especially as the weather warms up. We are having a blast with our pass and I can’t wait for the weather to warm up and really put it to good use!