Disney Sunday- My favorite places to eat at Disneyland/Disney’s California Adventure

It’s almost 11pm- I figure I still can blog about Disney Sunday just in the nick of time. Today I wanted to write about my favorite places to eat inside the park. I’ve pretty much tried every restaurant or stand in the park and I wanted to share with you my favorite places at both parks.

Top picks for Disneyland

1. Tastiest and filling treat- This is a seasonal item- The yummy turkey legs!
You can find the delish turkey legs in Frontierland. The cart is usually located directly across from the Mark Twain Landing and next to Rancho Del Zocalo Mexican restaurant. They sell for $7 and the carts only take cash. You can also find them by the Matterhorn entrance. They are very filling and make a great lunch!
2. Favorite dessert- Funnel Cakes! – The Hungry Bear Restaurant
Disneyland’s fruit topped funnel cakes are out of this world! You will love them. I also love pretty much anything that The Hungry Bear serves. It’s a great place to relax and catch a bite to eat in a beautiful setting(you can watch the ducks and boats go by- it’s lovely in the evening- perfect for date night! ). The Hungry Bear Restaurant is located in Critter Country – you can’t miss it!
3. Favorite restaurant- Rancho Del Zocalo- Pretty good Mexican Food!
I love Rancho Del Zocalo. As a girl that grew up on fresh homemade Mexican food – I have to say that I find the food at Rancho Del Zocalo to be quite tasty. My favorite is their enchilada plate. It’s really good. A little on the pricey side-(around $9-13) but the food is great, excellent seating and one of my favorite places to hang out on a cold night-wonderful heating lamps! My born in Mexico parents love the carne asada plate.
4. Favorite drink-Mint Juleps(non-alcoholic)- Mint Julep Bar
I love love the Mint Juleps that are found at the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square. They go for around 2.50 and they are a yummie and refreshing treat. The Mint Julep Bar is located across from the New Orleans Square train station.
5. Tastiest and least expensive way to feed a family- Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port in Tomorrowland.
You can buy a whole pizza for $31.99- not bad for a theme park. It’s a good way to feed the family and the pizza is actually really good! The Hawaiian is one of my fav’s!
6. Soup to die for!- Clam chowder sourdough bowl- Royal Street Veranda
The soup at the Royal Street Veranda is amazing. A little pricey($9) but so worth it. The Royal Street Veranda is located in New Orleans Square. It’s that little place across from the parasol cart and visible while you wait in line for Pirate’s of the Carribean.
7. Last but not least- my absolute favorite treat- Dole Pineapple Whip
I love love DPW. It is a must in the summer. Yummie. You can buy one at the entrance to Adventureland, right next to the Enchanted Tiki Room
Top picks for Disney’s California Adventure

1. So good but so bad for you treat- Full Throttle Fries- Taste Pilot’s Grill
These frieds are amazing. Perfect for sharing and incredible. The fries are loaded with cheese, chilli, onions, tomatoes and sour cream. The downer- probably not good for the waistline or your heart!
2. Best Hot Dogs- Award Wieners
I love the hot dogs at Award Wieners. The hotdogs come with chips and the combo’s are under $6. A tasty and reasonable treats. Award Wieners is located directly across from Playhouse Disney in the Hollywood Back Lot
3. A refreshing treat- Schmoozie’s Smoothies!
I’m all about fun drinks and Schmoozie’s Smoothies are made to order and absolutely delish! You can find Schmoozie’s Smoothies in the Hollywood Back lot- Directly across from the animation building
4. Favorite Ice Cream- Burr-Bank Ice Cream-
My family loves the ice cream at DCA. It’s less crowded than it’s Disneyland counterpart and just as tasty! You have to try their sundaes- Delish! Burr-Bank Ice Cream is located near the entrance of Disney’s California Adventure

So now that I’ve shared my favorites- I want to hear from you- What’s your favorite treat at the parks.

Winner of Angels giveaway!

The winner of the giveaway is comment # 2 by Tati who commented that her perfect last minute getaway would be

I would probably say any beach in a nice hotel with my husband 😉

Sounds good to me! Tati please email me at mom@daytrippingmom.com with your info so that I can mail off your tickets asap 🙂 I’m back home after a hectic but very fun week. I spent some time at Comic-Con in San Diego and boy was that fun!! I scored a great swag bag that I want to giveaway and will start the contest first thing tomorrow. I also have a week full of posts of fun and inexpensive things to do in SD- Stay tuned!

A little bit of a hectic week

Ever had one of those weeks when life is extremely hectic? This week has definitely been a busy and hectic one in our household. Hubby was out of town all week and well that just makes things very busy for a full time work at home mom and blogger. We did however manage to squeeze in two very fun outings that I can’t wait to share with you.

I will also be picking a winner at random tomorrow for the Angels giveaway and also blogging about our fun excursion in San Diego. I promised I would do it late Monday and I never got around to it. I promise that I will do that tomorrow.

We are headed down to San Diego tomorrow morning to partake in a little Comic-Con fun. Pictures and posts will be coming soon. Have a great Friday!!