Netflix Makes Birthdays A Piece of Cake


In the age of social media, parents are under the constant barrage of making events like birthdays extra special and memorable. We seen on all the various platforms, people outdoing each other. Pinterest has made many of us parents feel inferior that we couldn’t create something a fancy such as the clever cookie monster cupcake or Barbie dreamhouse made from twix and redvines. Did you know in Brazil, parents spend over $600 on their kid’s birthdays? That’s 3x the global average! ┬áNever fear, Netflix has your back with their new set of unique birthday greetings. Direct from some of our kids favorite Netflix characters including Barbie and Ninjago. They are clever and fun – check them out at

My hubby and I are also currently hooked on Atypical, the Netflix exclusive series about the life a of teenage boy with Autism. I have students and family members on the spectrum, so we find so much in this series that we can relate to. It was just renewed for another season. We recommend you check it out too (although its not really appropriate for younger children. Think PG-13.)



*I am a compensated member of the Netflix #StreamTeam. All opinions are my own.