Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey

Credit: Columbia Memorial Space Center


Did you know that there is a Science Center in Downey? Neither did I until a few weeks ago. I have been hearing great things about the Columbia Memorial Space Center and we plan on heading there hopefully this week.

This  hands-on learning center that is dedicated to bringing the excitement of space science to children of all ages.  Located in Downey, the 20,000 square foot visitor center is equipped with some amazing technology and visual teaching exhibits.

I plan on heading there and doing an in depth review this week, so be sure to keep an eye out for it. In the meantime if you are looking for something fun to do this week and entertain the kiddos make sure to check out the Columbia Memorial Space Center.

Credit: Columbia Memorial Space Center

The Columbia Memorial Space Center is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

Admission is

  • Adult: $5.00
  • Children 3 and under: Free
  • Groups of 10 or more: $3.00/person (with reservation)
The Columbia Memorial Space Center
12400 Columbia Way
Downey, CA 90242
(562) 231-1200
I can’t wait to head there and share about our experience!

For additional info head here.


“Special Day” Outings with Mom and Dad


My daughter and my husband on their way to her Kindergarten Ball

If you have more than one kiddo, do you have special one on one time with each one of your kids?

I have two kiddos and sometimes it can be a little tricky getting one on one time alone with each one of them. We do many things together as a family and we are always out and about with friends. Growing up I LOVED when my dad would just take me (I have three sisters) to the store with him or to lunch. He made sure to do this with all of his daughters and it made us all feel so special. I want to make sure the kiddos have great memories of special outings with mom and dad.


One of my friends has 7 kiddos that range from a one year old to a fourteen year old and she’s such a great source of inspiration for me because she always manages to go out on these special outings with each of her children. They might not be weekly outings but she always manages to get these outings on a regular basis.



To ensure that we can make some good memories we’ve added Mommy /Daddy and Daughter/Son “Special Outings/Dates”. It is something that we’ve started doing on a regular basis and I can say that my kids absolutely love it! . They look forward to our “outings”.  Our outings range from a day at Disneyland with Dad to shopping with me in a “little cart” at Trader Joe’s.  If you have an annual pass to a theme park or a membership to the museum, a special Outing with Mom with is a perfect opportunity to have one on one fun with your kiddo. If you are short on time, something as simple as grabbing some frozen yogurt or a short visit to the park will do.

Some of the things we have done recently are afternoon trips to Disneyland, walks on the beach, short visits to the park, a day at the car show with dad, a visit to the Farmer’s market and a frozen yogurt date.


It can be something as simple as going out for a short walk and trying to find flowers or insects along the way. Whatever it is will sure to be fun as long as you are spending quality time. I used to think that our outings had to be elaborate but have found out just going alone for a walk with my son can brighten both of our days.

Whatever you decide to do have fun and enjoy every second of it. Your kiddos will love making memories!


I would love to hear from you. Do you go out on one on one special outings with your kiddos? If you do, what are some of your favorite outings?


Pageant of the Masters 2011- Only Make Believe

One of the absolute highlights of the summer for me is experiencing Pageant of the Masters and the Festival of the Arts.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience Pageant of the Masters, You must this year! I promise it will not disappoint. Pageant of the Masters is hard to almost describe because it just such a breathtaking experience. If I had to put it in words I would say that simply put it is the greatest art work brought to life.

This year is a huge year for my family because I’m finally taking my daughter. She is 6 years old and has sat through two broadway type shows and I think it is the perfect time to introduce her to the Pageant experience and to the Festival of the Arts.

The Theme of this year’s Pageant is “Only Make Believe“. The 2011 Pageant of the Masters is venturing into magical artistic realms. Only Make Believe is described as “a passport to explore worlds populated by ancient and modern superheroes and strange, mythical creatures. It will also showcase the creative expressions of artists who devoted themselves to conjuring everything from Victorian historical fantasies, illustrations for fairytales beginning “once upon a time,” to futuristic visions of things to come, all in a breathtaking performance of “art that lives and breathes.” This is a great show for the whole family. The little ones might be a little wiggly but if your kiddo can sit through a movie or a broadway type show they would enjoy the show.

It is also one of the best date night ideas ever. I’ve been with my husband  a few times and it is such an incredible experience to sit and watch the show under the stars as art really does come to life.

I’m hoping to watch the show within the next few weeks and will also be posting any promotions or discounts that I can find. Last year they had a two for one ticket sale price that was incredible. Stay tuned for a review and promotions.

The Pageant of the Masters 2011 will take place from July 7th to August 31st.

For additional info head here.