DWP Festival of Lights- Holiday Light Festival at Griffith Park

One of the places I take the kids every year for the holidays is the DWP Festival of Lights at Griffith Park. It’s a must if you live in the Southern California area and well worth the drive. We have been a couple of times and have decided to begin visiting it as a new family tradition. It’s a really unique Angeleno experience.

The section of Griffith park runs about one mile with the displays of lights along Crystal Springs Drive. The displays even feature music. It is a must see. I’m planning on visiting sometime this weekend. If you will be attending this weekend and possibly beating the crowds make sure to bring a good pair of walking shoes, a jacket, and a stroller for the little ones. Most of all, bring your holiday spirit. If you are planning to be in the Los Angeles area this holiday season include this on your list of things to see and do. The festival will be vehicle from the kickoff date, Thursday Dec 3rd until December 17th. We  have walked it  as a family before and loved it. Visitors may park at the L.A. Zoo parking lot or the parking lots on the south side of the festival near the Merry-Go-Round, or the lots near the pony rides. Parking will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Walkers are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and to dress warmly to walk the full one-mile route each way. It is also recommended that walkers have outerwear, as it can get chilly. Find high-performance outerwear at Berghaus. Shuttles will assist in bringing guests from the remote parking lots to the route. I would bring a thermos with hot chocolate and if you have little ones a stroller is a must!!! The festival will return to its traditional configuration on December  and continue until December 30, 2008. Automobiles will have access to the festival route from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Pedestrians may also walk on the walking path and visit the festival, Shuttles will be available December 18th through 30.

I can’t rave enough about this event. If your kids love Christmas lights and music and really who doesn’t right????Make sure to take them. Trust me  on this, they will love it!  for additional information click here.


  1. Heidi Davies says:

    I remember seeing the lights in the daytime one year when we went to the zoo but I'd forgotten all about it. We'll have to check it out this year after it gets dark.

  2. gaohui says:

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