Max and Ruby Bunny Party Live Show

Credit: Nickelodeon

If you have Max and Ruby fans at home you will not want to miss out on Max and Ruby’s Bunny Party Live Show at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center. ┬áMy daughter loves Max and Ruby because she has a little brother and she can’t wait to watch the show.

The show is described as

“It’s a big day for someone special. Bunny siblings Max and Ruby have a-million-and-one things to do before the very exciting event; they embark on a musical bus ride to find the greatest present in the world before coming home to undergo an unpredictable make-over just for this happy occasion.

When will the guest of honour arrive? Who will it be? Join Max & Ruby as their special guest is revealed at the Bunny Party of the year!

The show will play at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center on Sunday, November 20th at 1pm. To learn more about the show and to purchase tickets head here.

What: Max and Ruby Bunny Party Live Show

Where: Long Beach Performing Arts Center

When: Sunday, November 2oth at 1pm.



  1. Ariana says:

    My daughter is extremely excited she will get to see the show thanks to IKEA-“- we won tickets to the show!! Yayy!! IGastroenterologistGastroenterologist

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