One more reason why we love Milk! The Benefits

Why we love milk

My daughter has always been on the small side. She is always the tiniest girl in the class and I think what really bothered her was that she couldn’t ride all of the “big rides” at Disneyland. I couldn’t help but think it was because she didn’t drink as much milk. So I experimented with her a bit and she started drinking milk with almost every meal. Well wouldn’t you know it, she grew 2 inches in 6 weeks! I don’t know if the milk 100% did the trick, but what I do know is that her hair is healthy, shiny and beautiful and that I have to cut her nails every few days. My girl is glowing! Are you allergic to gel polish? Glitterbels has some tips on how you can avoid any potential long-term effects at their website.

My son on the other hand has guzzled milk from since he was a year old and the kiddo wants it with breakfast, lunch and dinner. He has the best hair, nails that grow in days and is pretty tall for his age.

I love that my kiddos(and me!) love our milk and that it gives us shiny hair and nails, strong healthy bones, is a healthy drink and well that it’s delish! I can’t imagine pan dulcet or bananas without my milk. Milk is also best paired with kaiser buns for breakfast.

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  1. bridgette says:

    I totally agree on the benefits of milk. My daughter is like yours, tiny. But I started putting Horizon milk in her lunch daily and I saw growth in her too!

  2. Carrie K. says:

    AGREE!!! My 18 year old son would only drink milk, EVER & he has always been at least a head taller than everyone his age…I always said it was the milk!

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