Alcatraz With Kids: An Adventure to Remember


The Rock

During winter break, we took the family on a little road trip to San Francisco. My husband and I have wanted to visit Alcatraz Island for quite some time and decided that we would do it on our last trip. It’s one of those things that is on our bucket list and sounded a bit touristy, but we couldn’t wait to make the visit and we wanted to take the kids.

Getting Ready to Get on the boat!

The infamous penitentiary, is a mile and a half offshore from San Francisco and rich in history. Not only is touring the island taking a step back in time and a fantastic history lesson, it also fun to explore in a breath taking setting. Is it family friendly? You bet it is! This national park and treasure is one that you have to visit with the family. I  promise you will have some fun!

Arriving at the island

The kids were excited about the boat ride over and more than excited to start exploring the island. Getting to the island is only about a 15 minute ferry ride and the kids loved it! It’s always fun to ride a boat when you’re a kid.

The National Parks have a fantastic junior ranger program for the kiddos and there is a great one at Alcatraz. The kids were more than ready to explore the island with both mom and dad.

Ready to become a Jr. Ranger

What I loved about visiting Alcatraz, is that you tour at your own pace. You walk around as long as you want and make your trip what you want to make it. I think we only spent about three hours and that included exploring the island and taking the self guided tour with headsets of the penitentiary.

The views are amazing!

The kiddos loved being able to put on their headsets and learn all about the history of this famous place. They loved every second of it!

Walking through the prison is an experience like no other!

After a little walk around of the island we were ready to take the tour. Grab your headphones and be prepared for an interesting history lesson.

The kids loved being able to use their headphones, ask questions and hear all about the "bad guys".

We had a great time and I can’t wait to head back this summer and take one of the evening excursions with my husband.

The view of San Francisco from the island is out of this world!

If you are planning to visit Alcatraz make sure to make reservations. This is imperative! I can’t tell you how many people were turned away on the day we were there because the day was sold out. If you are going plan on making a reservation. Alcatraz Tours is the only and official ferry service to the park. You can reserve your tickets by heading here. For additional information about this national park head here.

My Spring Break Must: My Beach Bag and What’s in it!


I found my perfect bag here!

We can’t wait for spring break to kick off at our home! Our  break starts in two weeks and I’m hoping the weather cooperates and we can spend at least one day at the beach. I can’t wait to share my spring break itenerary. I think you and the kids are going to love it!

Brea Mall gave me a challenge to find the ultimate Spring Break necessities for under $50. I knew exactly what I wanted to buy and what every mom needs this spring break. The ultimate beach bag! I was on a hunt and knew that they had some cute bags at Pottery Barn. Well friends, not only did I find the perfect beach bag, it was super cheap! I had originally wanted a canvas bag but they were not in stock at the store. I was ready to head out when I noticed that near the counter they had a basket of burlap bags that were the perfect size for a beach bag and super cute too and they were only $7.99! I was sold.

The perfect size beach bag and it's cute too!

I still had over $40 dollars to spend! I honestly thought I would be spending all of my money on the bag and was super excited to have some extra cash to fill it up. We headed straight to the Disney Store and bought flip flops, sunglasses and even a beach towel. At the end of the day I still had $10 to buy dinner. It was a great shopping day at the Brea Mall!

I have my essentials and now I’m ready to finish packing up my bag. This is what I usually include:

  • Towels
  • Sunscreen
  • Baby Powder to remove the sand. It works like a charm!
  • sunglasses
  • flip flops
  • Eyedrops, helps with getting sand out of the eyes. You can also pack a small bottle of contact solution. I pack both!
  • Wipes
  • Kleenex
  • Change, You can now pay your parking with a credit card, however I usually like to bring change for the concession stand at our favorite beach.
  • Toys, Toys and more Beach Toys!
  • We also pack a cooler with water, soda, juice, snacks, cut up fruit and sandwiches. I also usually bring beach chairs and an umbrella.

What do you pack in your beach bag?