My Favorite Beach Trick: Baby Powder to Remove Sand

You can use Baby Powder or Cornstarch

With Spring Break in full swing and the weather warming up a bit, I’m sure many of you are planning to take the kiddos to the beach for an afternoon of fun. My kiddos have spring break next week and we’ve planned(if the weather cooperates) to hit the beach at least for a few hours one day. Growing up in Southern California and living in Orange County for over a decade, there is one Β item other than sunscreen that is a must take whenever we hit the beach, baby powder.

It’s perfect for removing sand of your feet, hair, legs and especially little hands that are reaching for a snack or a sandwich. When you’re going to feed the kiddos a snack or getting ready to serve lunch at the beach, bring out your little bottle of baby powder, shake a generous amount on hands and then be ready to easily shake of the sand off any hands.

Basically what happens is that the baby powder removes moisture from your skin and allows for the sand to easily come off. It works on hair, feet, and legs. Once you try it, you won’t want to head to the beach without it. If you don’t like using baby powder or prefer using something more natural, you can also use cornstarch and it works just as well.

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Now you’re ready for your perfect day at the beach!


  1. Karen says:

    Thanks for the suggestion of using cornstarch! I knew about the baby powder trick but don’t like to use baby powder.

  2. Caryn B says:

    Wow….I had no idea! But yes…sand is annoying…the kids love it but it’s so difficult to clean up….in shoes…in the car….in clothing….Thanks for the tip! : )

  3. Kristen says:

    What a great tip! I’m from behind the Orange Curtain myself and I cannot believe this is the first I have ever heard of this. I plan to use this tip ASAP. Thanks!

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