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Credit: PBS Kids

I have two kiddos at home that have recently become obsessed, and when I mean obsessed, I mean it, with Disney Channel shows. They have moved up from cartoons to the sitcom type shows and I have to admit, I’m not really liking it. I try to limit their television watching and instead encourage them to head outside to ride their bike or we head to a park, to get out the wiggles.

However, it’s not always possible to head outside to play, especially when the weather is not cooperating or the flu/cold bug, has hit home. On days like this, I prefer the kiddos to play on our home computer and not only be entertained, but also learn something. Providing them with the best setup and accessories within our budget is a priority. But before doing so, it’s advisable to read online reviews first, like that logitech m330 review.

Credit: NatGeoKids

We have a couple of  sites that we all love like PBS kids and some new sites that have been recommended by the kids teachers, that we have grown to love. Here is a list of some of our favorite websites.

PBS Kids – This is one of our all time favorite websites. You can’t go wrong with this award winning website. It features your kiddos favorite shows and is fun/educational. This website is geared for the younger kiddos. My kindergartener loves it, my second grader, not as much. This website introduced to our family by my daughter’s former first grade teacher is fantastic for the early reader and kiddos that are learning to read. It is a phonics wonderland!

NatGeoKids This is one website that receives unanimous love from each member of our family. It’s a great website and a definite browse for kiddos that love wildlife, science, and nature.

NatGeoLittleKids Great website for the kiddos that are five and under. It’s great for the preschool set.

Funbrain This website is a hit with my second grader. She loves it and so do I. It is loaded with free educational games, online books and more. It gets a big thumbs in our home. This website was introduced to our family by my daughter’s teacher. It’s a great educational website. Kiddos learn by playing games and can’t get enough. It’s geared for elementary age kiddos.

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