Things To Do With The Kids This Summer: Drive In Movie Theaters

Southern California Drive-In Fun

Southern California Drive-In Fun

We are about to finish up the school year and I can’t wait! 5 days to go. The kids and I both finish work/school on the same day. I’m planning all of our Summer activities, and this is one that I definitely wanted to add to our What To Do With The Kids Summer Series.

Growing up we would go to the Drive-in theater in La Mirada every Friday. It was soo much fun! I’ve wanted to take my kiddos to the drive-in for some time and finally got around to doing it last year. It was soooo much fun and so cheap! We took the kiddos to the Van Buren Drive-in, which is located in Riverside. Here are some things I learned about heading to the drive in with the family.

Get there early

We got there fifteen minutes before the show started and we wound up missing the previews and a few minutes of the movie. There was a nice long line to get in, and I would suggest getting there at least half an hour to an hour before the show. You can make sure to set up your spot, and not feel rushed. The Van Buren Drive in offers double feature and it really is a great deal.

Bring Cash

Make sure to bring cash to pay for admissions. Most drive in theaters only accept cash.

Make sure to use the restroom before you get there

It is dark and tricky to maneuver around the parking lot in the dark. Make sure the kiddies have used the restroom before you get there and if you need to use them, make sure to use them during the intermission between the first and second feature when the lights are turned on.

Pack lots of yummie snacks/drinks

It was so fun to be able to just pack our dinner and head to the movies. We also packed blankets and pillows. It was great to not have to spend any money on snacks/popcorn. We stopped at the store to pick up licorice and water.

We had a great time and can’t wait to do it again. It was a really affordable night out. It was $18 for a night out for the four of us, plus the snacks we brought from home.  A night out at the regular theater would have been over $50, at least!

Five Drive In Theaters in Southern California

There are Five Drive-in Theaters in So Cal.

  1. Van Buren Drive-in Cinemas – Riverside
  2. Rubidoux Drive-in Theater – Rubidoux/Riverside
  3. Vineland Drive-in Theater – City of Industry
  4. Mission Tiki Drive-in  – Claremont
  5. South Bay Drive-in  – San Diego
  6. Paramount Drive-in – Paramount
  7. Santee Drive-in – Santee

Go out there and enjoy a night at the drive-in. I promise you guys are going to have a great time!!!


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